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MSC Epidemiology Program, Canada

After completing my Honours B.Sc. in Biochemistry (major) with a minor in Statistics at the University of XXXX in 2012, I was accepted into the Graduate Certificate Program in Population Health Risk Assessment and Management, which I am currently completing at the University of XXXX.  Thus, I now feel that I have a solid academic foundation upon which to begin building a career in epidemiology. This is why I very much hope to continue my studies towards the Master’s Degree in Epidemiology at the University of XXXX.

In addition to my regular coursework, my electives and my CO-OP placements have also helped me to develop advanced time-management, organizational, communication and general people skills. I feel strongly that the combination of my academic and professional experience provides me with an excellent background that will allow me to excel in your program. I have long been intrigued with the topic of epidemiology despite the fact that it was not an area of study included in my undergraduate major or minor programs. I was ineligible to take the undergraduate epidemiology class so I sought other avenues and enrolled in a distance education course in Epidemiology offered through Athabasca University, which I completed in December of 2011.

This past fall, I faithfully attended the weekly Epidemiology seminars held by the department, enhancing my exposure to the broad gambit of applications for research in epidemiology. I have also received a grade of ‘A’ in Introductory Epidemiology (EPI 5240) which I took as an elective course. Although I have not yet fully decided in which area of Epidemiology I want to build a specialization, I have a particular passion for both health economics and infectious diseases.

I see biochemistry and statistics as the two central pillars upon which my career is built. I chose to do a minor in statistics because I saw early on how important this area of study is to the physical scientist dedicated to quantitative research and analysis. I also took an Applied Biostatistics class where I became familiar with issues and challenges for statistics that are related to various biological questions. I received all As in my statistics classes and I now have hands on experience with specialized software such as SAS and R. I also feel quite competent in the interpretation of advanced statistical techniques such as regression analysis, ANOVA, ANCOVA and time series analysis.

I am particularly pleased to have twice earned a spot on the Dean’s List and to have been awarded three exceptional and one excellent evaluation on my CO-OP placements.  The CO-OP program provided me with new research horizons born from real world experiences, including the opportunity to do laboratory research at the National Research Council in addition to three CO-OP placements with Health Canada in various pharmaceutical regulatory groups. I have continued to work at Health Canada on a part-time basis, gaining further invaluable experience in the regulatory pharmaceutical world.

I particularly appreciate the interdisciplinary character of the research taking place and given priority in your program. I keenly look forward to writing a thesis and I could not feel more confident in the ability of your renowned faculty to guide me in the choice of a subject and its execution. Continuing my studies at the University of XXXX will also enable me to continue to cultivate professional contacts with the many health-related resources of the greater XXXX area, including federal and municipal governments, local hospitals, and a most vibrant academic environment.

My long term plans include continuing my studies as the doctoral level. Ultimately, I would like to pursue a career as a researcher and/or policy analyst so that I will be able to maximize my contribution to the health and wellness of Canadians.  I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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