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MSc Physics UK, History of Time

I am extremely curious as to how the universe functions as a macroscopic system, within which are numerous microscopic systems. These fundamental paradigms have fascinated me for many years and, due to my inquisitive nature, are the predominate reasons for my enthusiasm for Physics. Their exploration and analysis intrigues me, and this is an area that I wish to pursue further. I believe that this is a well-respected academic discipline, which will provide excellent career prospects in a range of research fields and professions. The subject is particularly stimulating as it frequently allows mathematical theory to be applied to practical problems.

I enjoy reading Physics-related books such as A Brief History of Time and endeavour to keep up with the latest advances and theories by reading scientific journals. To enhance my knowledge and ability, I am following extra-curricular studies in the areas of matrices, complex numbers and similar topics, as these were not covered in my Mathematics course. My interest in Physics grew tremendously at A-level when I began to see how different branches of the subject fit together. There is greater scope to use my initiative and more focus on the fundamental scientific principals. I have particularly enjoyed the quantum and mechanical physics, as these help me to understand how the world operates, and often requires mathematical manipulation to form equations about a theoretical concept.

Academically, I obtained good GCSE results and at AS level I was awarded four As in my principal subjects. In 2002, I received my school Mathematics Shield and last year was presented with both the Science Prize and Student of the Year Award. Recently I attended a Science Summer School focusing on Physics and Mathematics at both A-level, and degree standard. This experience has also enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills.

Through my experience in retail in 2001, I learnt the importance of teamwork and how sections of large corporations operate. In February, I attended a Career Insight programme concentrating on university life and the application of science and engineering in industry. I contribute to my school on a voluntary basis, to provide assistance in the Science department. This entails assisting the lower years with their Science by devising worksheets and helping them to learn, which I find most rewarding. It has also enhanced my leadership and time-management skills.

In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, fell-walking and swimming. In recent years I have played the violin, achieving Grade 1 standard, and, as a member of the school orchestra I have performed in a number of school concerts. Presently I am participating in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

I believe that I am well suited to the demands of a Physics degree, as I am a dedicated and well-organized student, with a passion and enthusiasm for the Physical Sciences. Additionally, I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about the universe and to find out how everything connects together, as well as the chance to meet new and interesting people.

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