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MSN Nursing, Explaining Low Grades

I am a young, happily married Christian mother of three beautiful babies and I love my work as an RN. I have developed a special interest in Ortho-Neurological Medicine and spend most of my spare time reading about scientific and technological developments in this and related areas. I take great pride in staying abreast of progress in my area of professional expertise. San Diego has always been my home and I had an almost idyllic childhood up until my early twenties, when my mother was stricken with Cervical Cancer and finally died.

As I watched her slowly fading away, I lived through such great pain that it might have destroyed me without my supportive husband. I had finally recovered more or less by the time that I started college to the point that anyone really recovers from the loss of one's mother so young. I gave birth to two more babies, then, just as I was starting the nursing track, my aunt, who helped to raise me and supported me through my mom's ordeal, was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer as well. Soon, what world I had managed to rebuild came grumbling down. Before long she was requiring 24 hour care, in my home, with two new babies, and I was struggling to make good grades. I was a complete failure. My grades went straight down the tubes, and I did not know what to do. Finally, in an effort to salvage my career, and realizing that there is nothing that I could do, not even with 24 hours a day, to save my aunt, we finally put her into a nursing home and she died one week later.

I feel very strongly that, for the above reason, my low G.P.A. does not at all accurately reflect my potential as a nursing student; I ask that you please take my special circumstances into consideration in the evaluation of my application. I have learned that caring for others as a nurse is how I can best honor the memory of my mom and my aunt. And it is the best way to assure my babies of economic security for college. I so love being a part of cutting edge developments in nursing and medicine, taking special delight in the.

I want very much to pursue the Executive Nurse Leader Track in your program because I believe that this will ultimately allow me to make my maximum contribution to the nursing profession and to achieve increasingly system-wide or institutional level. I enjoy research and very much look forward to contributing to important studies. I promise to excel if given this opportunity. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration of my application.

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