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PharmD, Nuclear Pharmacy, Haitian

I am a Haitian woman with a New England upbringing. I have diverse interests in the arts, culture, and society, but science has always been my passion, especially chemistry, as I have always had an eye towards medicine and curing diseases. I have been fascinated by medicine ever since I was a little girl, and this is why I have dedicated myself to its study. As a result, I have been professionally attracted to the field of Pharmacy for many years.

I want to go back to school and study for an advanced degree while I am still young, 27, and full of energy for learning. I feel that I am at the perfect point in my career where I will be most able to take full advantage of a professional education. I hold a B.S in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with a minor in French. Since graduating from college in 2004, I have worked at a doctor's office and in a GI tumor biology lab at XXXX hospital. I have very much enjoyed helping with research in the area of cancer biology, focusing mainly on the preventive side of the disease. I think that this experience will serve me well in graduate school pursuing a career in pharmacy.

I see pharmacy as my vocation and the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to my society. In the area of medicine, I am especially engaged with the subject of Oncology. In the area of Pharmacy, I am most intrigued by the sub-area of Nuclear Pharmacy. I want very much to work as part of an organization that is dedicated to building and maintaining a safe, successful, nuclear medicine department or practice that requires a wide variety of services and highly professional employees all working as a team to assure that the right dose is delivered to the right place, at the right time. I look forward to a rigorous exposure, in the area of nuclear pharmacy, to safety and regulatory-compliant packaging, for example, and instrumentation and waste disposal. I want very much to contribute to successful radiation management, helping with safety audits, for example, IT solutions, and development support.

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