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Accelerated MSc, OT, Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a logical progression for me as a person as well as for my career. Whilst performing work as a Home Care Assistant for Service Users in their own homes, providing personal care for the elderly and the disabled, I came to realize that my contribution was more than just fulfilling a job: I was adding value to the lives of people. I was encouraging my clients to better themselves physically, emotionally and psychologically, doing for themselves, challenging them and bringing them a sense of accomplishment. I am the footprints in the sand for my clients, working behind them, while I have instilled in them the sense of doing for themselves, and carrying them only when they need the extra support. It is through these experiences that I am convinced of a career in OT. Through my experiences, an innate ability to work with difficult or vulnerable clients and having worked with flexible and effective teams, I will be a valuable addition to the community of OTs and the clients I have been entrusted to serve.

On the most practical level, I realize that the elderly are living longer, and there is greater opportunity, if not need, for people like myself who want to work with this unique demographic in Home Care Services. My professional aspirations of Occupational Therapy Consultancy work will be more than earning a paycheck: it is my intention to not only provide services for the elderly, but to also be their advocate in any way that I can, for ethical and social justice. Speaking five languages, having lived in two countries and travelled to seven foreign countries, I have achieved a level of cultural competency few of my classmates will share. I have worked in the most humble of situations and also the most demanding, both on the client level as well as managerial, supervising and coordinating a staff of ten employees - which I hired and trained - in a 35-bed ward of a hospital. From making sure my patients are taking the correct medications to ensuring my clients are doing all they can to better themselves occupationally, I have given all I am to my work. I will bring all of this and more to my work as an OT. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to a personal interview.

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