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Orthodontics Residency Program, Thailand

I am a Thai woman, born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I hold the degree of Doctor of Dentistry awarded by XXXX University in 2010. I speak English, French and Mandarin Chinese.

 In much of Asia, including Thailand, dental health is generally neglected and basic education in dental care is often lacking or ignored. There also exists a general shortage of dentists and the situation is much more serious in the case of qualified orthodontists. Demand is such that much orthodontic work is done by dentists who are untrained in the specialty and sometimes, unfortunately, from people who are not trained dentists!  The appearance of those who seek orthodontic treatment, mainly young women, is often permanently marred as a consequence of this sad situation.

 As a dental student, I assisted in providing basic dental care and education to communities in rural areas of Thailand. I became aware that, whilst effective orthodontic treatment is rarely available in urban areas, in the countryside it is virtually unobtainable, but is also desperately needed.  As a senior student, I took part in a survey to measure the dental health of primary school children and many required skilled orthodontic treatment that they are unlikely to receive.

 I recently completed a short course in orthodontics so that I can, at least, provide basic orthodontic treatment but realize that, to make a significant difference, I need to acquire an understanding of advanced techniques and the treatment of complex cases that the program provides. It is my hope to be able to offer accessible treatment especially for the most serious cases in my country and to train others to recognize situations where orthodontic treatment is required, as well as supplying training in providing basic treatments. Unfortunately, there is no training available, at the level offered by the program, in my own country.

 I am aware that great advances have been made in Orthodontics in the last decade and I am excited by the possibility of contributing to further progress in this specialty. I am also very attracted by the opportunity to assist in research into new treatments and materials whilst participating in the program.

 Following my graduation, I initially worked in private clinics. During this time I undertook a wide variety of work from restoration to prosthodontics.  I was then successful in obtaining a post at one of Thailand’s leading hospitals, the XXXX. My duties at the hospital have also given me valuable experience in a providing a variety of treatments to patients of many kinds. During this time, I have had the opportunity to observe the work of the Orthodontists on the staff and receive guidance from them.

 I have traveled within Asia, to several European countries and to the United States. I am interested in meeting people from various cultural and social backgrounds and am aware that studying in New York will enable me to do so. I also look forward to sharing insights from my own life and work with members of the academic community.

 I am regarded as being cooperative, friendly and diligent.  I have a genuine interest in my patients and in pursuing the very best outcome in treating them. I feel that I have the potential to excel within the program and intend to do so, if selected to participate. 

 I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants for this prestigious program. However, I believe that I am an excellent candidate, not least, because of my genuine passion for Orthodontics and my heart-felt hope to bring much needed expertise in this area, to my country.

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