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MS Physician Assistant, Home Health

While I was too young to remember all my family endured in the Haiti of the early 1900s, I have grown up knowing all that did happen, from first hand accounts of events that most Americans, and thankfully so, will never have to endure; the corruption, collapse of healthcare services, and rampant public health issues. Coming to America was a chance to start over, and to give back to the country that had welcomed us, and the invaluable opportunity to bring a better tomorrow to others.

Earning my PA accreditation will enable me to bring a number of my goals, ambitions, but more importantly, my dreams to reality. In the most practical terms, I have seen a distinct and growing need for multilingual healthcare professionals. While I speak Haitian Creole, French and English, I feel I fill this need even better than someone who is simply conversant in other languages. Indeed, I have walked more than a mile in the shoes of the immigrant and feel particularly sensitive to the unique needs of our culturally diverse patients.

As a PA, I anticipate serving under the supervision of an OBGYN/Gynecologist, or in an ER. Upon building my exposure in the field, I anticipate using my academic and professional experiences as a jumping off point for medical mission work developing nations, aiding others as a healthcare provider, bringing much needed health, preventative medical education and above all, hope.

I bring with me to the PA program a solid academic foundation in pre-medicine, Biology and Chemistry, coupled with practical experiences, and direct-patient contact as a nursing assistant, direct care assistant and home health aid. In order to prepare for the opportunity and challenge of the PA program, I have worked with the mentally disabled, conducted forty hours of clinicals, as well as job shadowing.

Nothing, absolutely nothing has swayed me from the path to my dream. The loss of my father, helping my family through hard financial times and the desire to have a family of my own have only strengthened my desire to pursue my PA accreditation at all costs, to help others, the poor, the sick and the needy through the greatest challenges of their lives.

Through an academic relationship with a quality educational institution like UMES, I will be able to see my patients with a clearer, more open mind, seeing beyond the disease, treating them within the context of their individual needs. Furthermore, I anticipate being exposed to the dynamic world of evolving medical treatments, new techniques and technologies with a constant eye towards hospital policy.

I look forward to the opportunity to develop myself as an exceptional Physician Assistant as no other field has or could bring me the same level of personal or professional fulfillment. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.

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