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Residency Pediatrics, Indian Pediatrician

I firmly believe that the responsibility of a pediatrician is to take care of the world's future. This is why I want to work as a pediatrician to have a tremendous, long-term impact by taking an active role in the healthy development of children. I hope to bring my finely honed skills to your residency program in pediatrics.

Being born into a family of the medically underserved in rural India, there was only one primary health care center staffed by one pediatrician and a handful of nurses. The only doctor in the clinic had been trained as a pediatrician and was seen as a god by the villagers. I was deeply impressed by how much the people genuinely loved him, which goes a long way to explaining my early interest in becoming a pediatrician. Now, I would like to serve as an advocate for children in the community and encourage them to develop their talents and promote healthy lifestyles. I am fascinated and very enthused about opportunities to prevent childhood health problems.

I am perhaps most distinguished by my dedication to helping kids in medically underserved areas. It is my spirituality, my way of contributing to the community, and supporting and serving as an excellent example to my family. I have been groomed from early childhood for a life of service to others, and I have always brutally lived this calling. I believe that the seriousness that is attached to the educational process in Indian culture has helped me to become one of the most highly-motivated doctors in the profession. Serious and dedicated words best describe my character and life philosophy. Pediatrics will enable me to make the most positive and lasting impact possible over the long term, from newborns to adolescents. I find the care of patients from birth to adulthood to be incredibly satisfying since I have always had a deep and abiding, special love for children and look forward to forming the types of enduring relationships that characterize a distinguished pediatrician.

Some of the most enriching months of my life were spent studying for my MS Degree, building upon the solid experience that I gained doing clinical rotations in surgery, medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics, and gynecology for one year in Miraj, following my graduation from medical school in my native India. Though I have appreciated the educational opportunity represented by the treatment of adults, I have unequaled enthusiasm for my pediatric patients because I feel that I have a natural ability to create a rapport with children and gain their confidence which is all-important to their successful treatment. This was the reason why I was a favorite intern for many patients. I would now be profoundly honored to give my all to the practice of pediatric medicine in your distinguished program. I want to thank you for considering my application.

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