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PharmD Degree, Community Service, Indian

By the time that I entered high school, I was excelling at what interested me most, both biology and chemistry. My fascination with these areas led me to the logical choice of working with medicine as a pharmacy professional. A licensed pharmacist with extensive experience in my native India, I am now studying diligently to complete pre-requisite classes here in America at XXXX Community College in Houston, Texas. My short term goal is to be admitted to a distinguished PharmD Program such as yours, and my long term goal is to serve a key role in the area of pharmaceutical cooperation between USA- and-India-based pharmaceutical companies.

I wish to devote my life to the therapeutic use of medications, therapeutic evaluations, and making recommendations to patients concerning the safe, appropriate, and cost-effective use of medications. I look forward to always being readily available to the public and giving my all to community service, especially volunteer work with respect to public education. I experience profound joy both in doing research in medicine as well as working with patients and clients.

My application is strengthened by the fact that I have considerable professional experience. I am convinced that I will be a good pharmacist primarily because of my zest and enthusiasm for life long learning. Every day, in fact, every hour, I make a point to learn something that helps to prepare me to become a better pharmacist. After finishing my degree, I began working with XXXX Pharmaceuticals as a medical representative for about 4 months, primarily in the Rrespiratory Department, dealing with medications for Asthma, COPD and Allergic Rhinitis. The compounds I was working with were fluticasone, salmeterol, budesonide and so on. In this position, I gained invaluable experience working with a multinational company. I soon realized that patient’s with lung diseases were not taking medication in proper and effective way so I started volunteering my time collaborating with doctors to educate patients concerning how to take medication effectively. I also worked to introduce more patients to specialized accessories that can work with their inhalers to enhance effectiveness of the mediation.

Next, I spent six months working as a Pharmacist at XXXX Pharmacy (one of the biggest pharmacy chains in India) as a Pharmacist. My father died at this time and caused me some minor setbacks, but soon I was able to fulfill my dream to study abroad and I complete a two year program as a Chemical Laboratory Technician in Canada.

Over the past several months, I have been learning everything that I can about Pharmacy as a volunteer with XXXX Hospital in XXXX, Texas. I assist both the pharmacists and the technicians. I label and package medication for distribution and have been cultivating a special focus in the area of verification. I have also been volunteering for several months at XXXX Pharmacy in Houston, Texas. Foremost among my learning experience has been my contribution to community health screenings. I answer phone calls and monitor our inventory making sure that it is all current.

Your program is my first choice for Pharmacy school for many reasons, foremost among which is your active learning environment with high levels of student participation. I crave this kind of hands-on education and I am also attracted to the idea of taking one course at a time. Your program has the kind of focused structure within which I am confident I will be able to excel. I am keenly looking forward to participation in the broad variety of learning activities at XXXX and I want to thank you for consideration of my application to your program.

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