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PharmD Pharmacy, Medicine Shoppe, Vietnam

Coming to America from Vietnam with my family in the 1990s was a choice born of seeking a better life for ourselves. Compared to Vietnam, the opportunities for betterment were phenomenal, and as a recent graduate from high school, I was truly unsure of where my future lay. Following in the footsteps of my father led me to the path of Computer Science. I wrestled with the subject, wanting to succeed, to make sense of the curriculum, and settled on web development in computer information systems. But it was not me, my professional work going only slightly beyond a means to an end, and the 8x8 cubicle that was my workspace was closing in on me, stifling who I truly was.

While my work as a web developer and network administrator developed, and proved my interpersonal, leadership and time management abilities, I longed for work where I could make a difference in the lives of others, an outlet for my compassionate nature, coupled with my love of the sciences that began in high school. Indeed, in high school I had excelled in not only math, but chemistry and biology as well. At first, the health sciences stood out to me, but Pharmacy was the ray of sunshine piercing the clouds of my frustrations. The more I researched the discipline, the more I wanted to be involved.

In order to prepare for the opportunity and challenge of a quality PharmD program, I actively sought out and procured a volunteer job at a Medicine Shoppe, while completing my pharmacy pre-requisite courses. Volunteering at Medicine Shoppe allowed me to gain invaluable experience and insight into pharmacy, giving me exposure to Tablet, Capsule, Oral Liquid, Dry Syrup production, and Quality Analysis and Quality Control procedures. Here, I have gained knowledge of day-to-day activities such as prescription handling, dispensing, labeling, guiding patients, putting the fundamentals I have learned to practical use. Moreover, I have seen how to manage a pharmacy practically and even market the business. I am able to quickly find the answers to my questions regarding any aspect of the business as well as keeping my education alive and sharp.

I have come to appreciate how a Pharmacist is a cornerstone of their community, a professional entrusted with providing safe, accurate advice regarding appropriate drugs and their correct use. Communication is of critical importance in Pharmacy, a skill I perfected in the computer industry, and apply in my Pharmacy work. It is a great feeling to know that my work helped to improve the customers quality of life. I now know that I have the passion, capability, and personality to become a great pharmacist. More importantly, I am truly sympathetic to our clients. My own aunt, diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia and my father-in-law with stage three colon cancer have brought it home to me how our clients are living with their own illnesses. I am intimately aware of the pain and hardship they are going through, a realization that fuels my patience and compassion.

Additionally, a pharmacist reaches people on many levels, even culturally. I feel that my unique background and bilingual abilities in Vietnamese and English will equip me to better serve clients, those that need quality service the most, filling a much-needed gap between patients and physicians in my area. I am particularly sensitive and aware of the increasing needs of minorities, especially in their introduction to the American healthcare system, having walked more than a mile in the immigrant's shoes. A quality PharmD program will enable me to pursue my dreams, to contribute positively to my community and the communities I go on to serve. No other field has nor ever could bring me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction and I look forward to my future with greater eagerness.  Pharmacy is a competitive field but with integrity, compassion, and willingness, I am confident that I will succeed.Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.

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