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PHD Anatomy and Cell Biology, Canada, Saudi

Now 31 years old, I am a young woman from Saudi Arabia who has been making her home in Toronto, Canada for the past year, working very hard at improving my English, in particular, so as to have the necessary vehicle of expression to excel in your program. At this very moment, I am fully immersed in preparation for the IELTS, hoping to score as high as possible so that I will be admitted to your competitive doctoral program in Anatomy and Cell Biology. I look forward to a long and productive career as a research scientist first and foremost, particularly in the area of stem cells and tissue engineering. I am also especially intrigued with advances in neuroscience.

The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study because of my profound respect for the long and distinguished history of your program, the impressive trajectories of your graduates, and the conviction that no other program in Canada could provide me with a more thoroughgoing and exhaustive foundation for the application of science to practical health concerns. I want to distinguish myself in life, at least at home in Saudi Arabia, with important contributions to research concerning cellular and molecular mechanisms of biological systems and diseases. I look forward to the support and direction that I will receive from your distinguished faculty at XXXX and I fully trust you to guide me to the right areas where my labor will have the most creative impact. It was a special joy for me to complete my final project for my Master’s degree in nose deviation among Asian vs. African people. I also have a solid grounding in the area of rehabilitation, especially for stroke victims.

My long term goal is to become both a prominent research scientist who is published in the area of public health challenges in the Middle East, generally speaking, and contributing to the making of decisions in our Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. I am a simple person and I love to work hard. I am also a fighter and I have learned that struggle in life has great value since I have Systemic Lupus Erthomtosis  (SLE) and I have never  let this disease keep me down. I have some days that I do not feel as well as other days, but it just drives me to work even harder. In fact, I feel strongly that my own battle against SLE has given me an added passion that will enable me to excel in your program; I take many of these issues quite personally. I have never let anything stand in the way of either my studies or my professional duties. I have solid professional experience since I spent two years as a physiotherapist at XXXX General Hospital working for the Saudi Minister of Health. I also have teaching experience as an instructor of Computer and Business Administration with the Academy of Learning.

I put my work and my study first. My illness effectively put an end to my plan to become a medical doctor because I was in the hospital when I needed to be preparing for and taking my examinations for medical school. I have no regrets, however, because this provided me with the opportunity to devote myself full time to computer science which will serve me well as a medical professional. I also feel strongly that my undergraduate studies in physiotherapy are highly complementary to what I will study in graduate school and will help me to do well in your distinguished program.

I have fallen deeply in love with Anatomy and I hope to have the opportunity to prove myself in a cutting-edge program like XXXX. I want to give my all to this field and to someday have the privilege of teaching in this area as well in my home country. I see myself giving lectures in Anatomy at our Medical University.

I thank you for considering my application so that I might make my dream come true.

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