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PHD Clinical Psychology, Indian-American

As a 44-year old woman from India with previous graduate experience in the field of psychology, I believe that my maturity and life experiences distinguishe me as an especially highly motivated candidate for the Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology Program at XXXX University. My passion for making a positive difference in people's lives, has given me a fierce determination to succeed in this program since it represents the fulfillment of my purpose in life. XXXX's emphasis on the integration of theory, training and practice will give me the tools I need to establish an effective practice as a licensed clinical psychologist. I have always had a strong desire to study psychology, the complexities of human behavior. I did not act on this interest until 1995, however, after I had my own very positive counseling experience. My counselor renewed my confidence and self-esteem, encouraging me to believe that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. I first took classes at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology and then later moved with my family to Chicago, where I entered the Doctor of Psychology program at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology.

However, in the midst of my studies, a series of serious personal and marital problems began to take their toll on my own psychological health. One thing led to another and, before I knew it, I had gained fifty pounds, felt negative and unworthy, and was suffering such low self-esteem that I lost my concentration and self-confidence which eventually affected my studies. Driving through life with the handbrake on in the words of Maxwell Maltz, I withdrew from the program at ISPP to get my own act together first. Since that time, I have rediscovered and reaffirmed my purpose in life since taking this break from graduate school, with increasing intensity, promise, renewal, and faith; new windows of love and empowerment are opening in my soul. My long season of suffering and pain has now been dead and buried for several years.

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