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PHD Computer Science, Saudi Arabian

I am a young man from Saudi Arabia who is currently finishing up his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of XXXX. I have enjoyed my studies here at UXX enormously. I feel that I still have much to learn, however, and I hope very much to have the opportunity to continue my studies at UXX at the doctoral level.

Saudi Arabia is, of course, wealthy in petroleum. This is not a renewable energy source, however, and this wealth must be invested in new, cleaner and more sustainable technologies before this oil supply either runs out or becomes obsolete. This will require great strides in the development of new communication and business infrastructure, however, in addition to vast improvements in our educational system. In many important ways, Saudi Arabia is a Developing or Third World country in terms of communications infrastructure. This is why I am asking for admission to doctoral studies, so that I might prepare myself as fully as possible for the great task at hand, bringing Saudi Arabia up to First World standards in terms of communications engineering, so that we have a solid foundation for being economically competitive for the long term.

In addition to my studies towards the Master’s Degree, my application is strengthened by my experience as a volunteer Research Assistant at the Center for Excellence in Information Assurance in the KSA from August of 2010 through March of 2011. This is a specialized research center in the field of computer and information security and this position provided me with the opportunity to work closely with professionals in the area of computer security. I made the decision to volunteer my time with this organization because I felt that being involved in research early on would help me to meet the great challenges that I hoped to face in the future, especially in terms of rigorous research at the doctoral level.

This position helped me to learn how to write effective papers both individually and within a group. While working there, I was able to co-author and publish a paper (M. ZubairRafique, Nasser Alrayes, Muhammad Khurram Khan and KhaledAlghthber,“ Application of Evolutionary Algorithms in Detecting SMS Spam at Access Layer”, Gecco 2011 (Feb 2011)). By the time that I left this position and came to America, I also felt that I had developed the necessary skills to be a creative and responsible critic of the work of others as well as my own.

This position, along with my studies here at UXX, have helped me to better appreciate the way in which we must address our problems and issues from multiple angles or perspectives, with close attention to detail, if we are going to successfully meet our challenges. I have learned to never give up, to always keep trying until I solve a problem.

My long term goal is to serve as a college professor and researcher in my country, making important contributions to the education of new generations of young Saudis in the cutting-edge areas of research in my field. I want to work tirelessly to help my country develop its communications infrastructure and research centers. It is my dream that one day my country will become a leader in the field of computer and information sciences. I also hope to one day have my own lab or research center that will not only contribute to the field of computer science in Saudi Arabia but to humanity as a whole.

I thank you for considering my application to your doctoral program.

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