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PHD Computer Science, Indian

As you will note from my resume, I am a very high academic achiever. My achievements arise not only from a natural aptitude for mathematics, physics and computing but also from a genuine passion for these subjects and great intellectual curiosity. Indeed work and pleasure overlap constantly in my studies, projects and spare time reading. However, I have always sought to be a ‘well rounded’ person and have many and varied outside interests including drama, singing, debating, photography and astronomy all of which I thoroughly enjoy.  My long term goal is to be an influential and significant faculty member of a world class computer science department in a prestigious university such as yours.

I excelled in all subjects in my school career but my choice of specialist subjects was an easy one. From the first lesson in computing I was fascinated and this fascination grew with every subsequent lesson. In addition to my formal studies in Engineering in Computer Science, I read many periodicals, websites and blogs, indeed any useful source dealing with computer science to help me increase the scope of my knowledge.

I was very fortunate to be raised by parents who possess a strong social conscience and they have always impressed upon me the importance of helping others on an individual basis and in using my skills for the benefit of others. At school, I was a Guide in the Scouts and Guides Association and participated in various service programs including prison visiting. I was also an active member of the school’s Environment Club educating others about ways of protecting the local environment. Since joining my undergraduate program, I have assisted in organizing the bi-annual blood donation camps at college. I genuinely seek to use my skills, choice of research topics and future work for the general benefit.

I have particularly enjoyed taking part in various successful projects during my degree studies to date. For instance, my college recently held event called a ‘Technofest’ and I presented a paper on artificial intelligence that was very well received by the faculty and my peers.

I have been selected by my professor, Dr. XXX  as his thesis student and my thesis is based on Web Services Security and Cloud Computing. As part of my thesis, I will be creating Hospital Management REST and SOAP web services and will be hosting it on Cloud. A paper on this work is scheduled to be published by the end of 2011.  I have greatly enjoyed this work and genuinely believe that I have those characteristics required of an excellent researcher. I am highly analytical in my approach, I am curious and, most importantly, I am persistent and focused.  I am happy to work alone but also appreciate that the value of teamwork. I hope to undertake further research during the Ph.D. program into the areas Developing Web Services, Security in Web Services and Cloud Computing. I genuinely believe that I have the skills and characteristics that will enable me to undertake original and useful research in these areas.

I have been given opportunities to teach since I was fourteen when, as a gifted pupil, I was appointed to help fellow students to understand concepts that they initially found difficult to grasp. I derive great satisfaction from sharing my knowledge and skills and I very much look forward to assisting with teaching during the program.

Although my travels have been fairly limited, I have studied with people of various cultural and social backgrounds. I look forward to travelling more widely and to extending my experience of other cultures and of sharing knowledge of my own.

I understand that there will be other well qualified applicants for the program. However I do believe that I am an exceptional candidate, I am sure that my genuine unbounded enthusiasm and passion for my subject together with my current research experience will enable me to make unique contributions to computer science and I am determined to do so. I hope that you will provide me with the opportunity.

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