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PHD Doctor Counseling Psychology

I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor with my own private practice. I provide my clients with a program that I developed called Therapeutic Visitation where a child can visit with an estranged parent from whom they have experienced abuse/neglect and often have anxiety issues concerning visitation with that parent. My service is very helpful for these is safe for the child and where the child feels that he or she is supported by the community. The safety and well being of children has long been the center of my world, my principal professional source of inspiration, and where I hope to continue to make my contribution to society and my local community. I also teach at the XXXX Junior College in the Behavioral Science Department. I did research in my undergraduate course work where we studied and carried out an experiment on how perception affects people's performance. We found that if people think that they can do something well, they will do well and vise versa. I am especially interested in this phenomenon and how people's perception and cognitive processes affect their behavior.

I look forward to having the opportunity to research this question and so many others in your program. I feel that my professional experience helps to make me a strong candidate for your program because I have experienced first hand how mental health issues have a direct impact on peoples lives and social settings, and how many of the challenges that this presents can be overcome with adequate support and therapy. I am an avid reader with a strong knowledge base concerning social issues, therapy, and mental health issues generally speaking. I am highly motivated, a very hard worker, and someone who is committed to helping others, utilizing the knowledge and experiences that I have gained to inspire and motivate others. I especially enjoy working with people on their issues and helping them to find appropriate ways to cope with their problems and to function in a healthy and sustainable manner; and, in particular, how to be better parents.

I was raised in Laurel Mississippi and I love my home state and would feel very much at home at XXXX. I think that you have the ideal program that would enable me to best be able to meet my long term professional goals. I look forward to staying in private practice once I have a doctoral degree, but it is my hope to then be able to employ associates that will be able to help me develop my organizational plans to expand service to the community, doing evaluations and consulting with parents, especially of traumatized children from broken families. I also look forward to continuing to teach in my field and will be enormously pleased to share much of the information that I will be learning in your doctoral program with my students. I have taken a few courses in German and have German in-laws; thus, I am pleased to report that, while I am not fluent, I do speak conversational German which helps me to appreciate and contribute to diversity. I have been to Europe several times as well as Mexico. For the last three years I have done a Missions trip to Costa Rica where we have been building a training center for Pastors who are being trained to go into countries that are largely closed to Christian missionary activity. After earning a Ph.D., I hope to expand my program helping children who have experienced abuse/neglect to cope with their difficulties and become healthy and thriving adults. I also just finished a contract with the Federal Government where I counseled victims of natural disasters and learned how to utilize psychological first aid. My experienced, coupled with what XXXX has to offer: exceptional academic programs, diversity, outstanding facilities and world-class instructors, I look forward to becoming a highly skilled psychology professional who is adept at defending and caring for the psychological needs of some of our most vulnerable children. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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