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PHD CS, Electrical Engineering, Indian Applicant

I trace my fervor for innovation in the area of computer science and electrical engineering to that moment back in the early 1990s, when I was about 10 years old, and I saw my first cell phone. These novel and seemingly miraculous vehicles of communication were only making their appearance then in my native India. The impact that this early gadget had on my curiosity was unprecedented; as I came face to face with the sheer power of this device, my childhood dreams began to take shape, resulting in my career choice to give my all to innovation in computer based communications devices.

As time passed, and I matured, immersing myself in my university studies, I came to realize more and more that communications devices are not toys, or simply exotic, exciting gadgets. Rather, especially for a country like India with one of the largest populations in the world and the vast majority still living in poverty, the advancement of electronic and computer-based technology is the foundation of our economic growth. Thus, I find special fulfillment in my life course dedicated to the advancement of communications for the masses because I see it as a noble endeavor, and the best contribution that I might make to global society, my native India in particular.

As part of my undergraduate curriculum in CS and Engineering, I took a wide variety of courses including theory of automata and computation, principles of operating systems, database management systems, compiler design, computer networks, network security and management, wireless communication and web development. I began gravitating almost immediately to computer networks, the area in which I hope to make my mark in research and development.

My world lit up like a pinball machine the first time that I used Network Simulator. Soon, I became most at home writing code and evaluating network protocols. One of the areas in which I had the privilege of doing an in-depth investigation was with respect to the problem of connecting two universal plug-and-play home networks without multicasting. I presented a solution based on NAT and Firewall rules to share devices and services between two UPnP networks. As I continued to study day and night, India became electrified by the mobile revolution, catching on and playing catch up progressively and exponentially all around me, beginning in the early 2000s. This great enthusiasm made me feel that I had made the right decision, and that no other career could be this exciting.

Graduating number 3 out of 67 students, I immediately saw myself as bound for graduate studies. I was selected by TCS to work as a SharePoint developer on multiple projects as part of a team where my primary role was web application development. After one year at TCS, I had earned my Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification and joined Aricent Group as a network engineer, developing and supporting their cloud computing technologies. I thrive on the tremendous pressure of supporting client networks with minimal downtime. I learned a lot about Cisco’s latest Unified Computing System focusing on virtualization and the way in which their UCS products serve as the core for data centers, maximizing the efficiency of computing resources. Most important, I now have extensive, hands-on experience simulating our customers’ network environments in the lab working on storage platforms, scripting and testing firmware, and working with developers to identify and resolve critical issues.

As part of XXXX’s team I have acquired cutting-edge experience testing and supporting the latest virtualization and networking technologies. I hope to spend the balance of my professional life at fully immersed in the latest developments in computer-based technology, creating solutions for new generations of wireless technologies. Among emerging technologies, I see vast potential, in particular, in the unification of home/appliances and automotive networking, artificial intelligence and wireless connectivity with seamless access from an external network.

Nothing excites me more than the Internet of Things (IoT), still in its infancy, particularly its potential for the seamless connection of devices to networks. I look forward to when the IoT matures and the application development platform will be able to support huge amounts of data collected from a lot of devices and presented to the end user or decision making system in a meaningful way. There are several areas of application for IoT in which I hope to become engages, particularly environmental sensing, traffic management, and smart product management. The range of applications that will benefit from IoT is mind boggling and I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with talented engineering students from around the world once I enroll in your distinguished program at XXU.  

I thank you for considering my application.

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