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PHD Degree in Economics, Iranian Applicant

I am an Iranian man who is very dedicated to the study of economics, business, and public administration. I see these three fields as bound together symbiotically in the maintenance and improvement of our economic structures, as a result of which we are able to achieve our health, wealth and happiness.  I want very much to earn the PHD in Economics at XXXX University so that I can fulfill my long term dream of working for a major international company in senior executive position. While I was born and raised in Iran, I moved to London in the year 2000, and then the United States in 2005. I take great pride in my multicultural sensitivities and intensely enjoy getting to know people from many different cultures, and I look forward to making friends with other graduate students from all over the world in your program.

I intend to work for a leading company such as Ericsson, my current employer, with interests in emerging markets in almost every corner of the planet. I want to have a most rigorous academic training so that I will be highly qualified in terms of my research skills and creative analysis of economic opportunities as they occur in an ever-changing global business environment. I am convinced that this is what would bring me the greatest joy in life, analysing different regions and countries with their different financial and economic situations is an ideal vocation for me.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from Azad University in my native Iran (1997) with a major in Public Management. In 2011, I completed my Master’s Degree in Public Administration at XXXX University. The XXXX Graduate School is my first choice for graduate study due to the unique ways in which your program is structured so as to encompass the full range of factors in economics that are most relevant to careers in business and government service as well as teaching and research. I especially appreciate the interdisciplinary structure of your program and collaboration with the schools of international studies, management, and public policy. I feel that I am a strong candidate for your PHD Program, in part, because of my background in public administration, an aspect of economics that is emphasized in your program.

I also have volunteer work experience in my field, since I served as a Research Assistant to Dr. XXXX in his investigation of how multinational corporations stimulate--or deter-- the growth of financial markets in developing countries with corrupt governments. This research experience, in particular, went a long way to inspiring me, and giving me the confidence to undertake research at the doctoral level. It also sparked a keen, and lasting professional focus on the area of finance, something which I hope to continue to build upon in your program.

I am a very hard worker and a most conscientious professional. After completing your program, I will have a lot to offer a company that is looking for someone with my qualification to review, maintain, and enhance their corporate research programs, critically analyzing the work that has been done before with an eye to implementing increasingly creative directions for the future. Always detail-oriented and calm, I am a highly motivated professional with over 13 years of comprehensive experience in sales, simultaneously coordinating and managing various successful projects. I am skilled in understanding business requirements with an aptitude for increasing and streamlining productivity.

I am optimistic by nature and this is one of my greatest strengths, since it enables me to excite others concerning the many opportunities that present themselves in the world of economics and management.

As an Analyst in my current position with Ericsson, I do cost analyses for all west coast projects, including Hawaii, Alaska, and California. I dig into all available financial data for my analysis, preparing reports to top management concerning the various margins for different areas and companies. I always accompany my reports with suggestions. I especially enjoy using numbers and exercising my analytical skills so as to help both public and or private agencies to not only avoid negative margins, but to turn their businesses around and enhance their profits.

I want to thank you for considering my application to your program.

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