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PHD International Economics, Europe

I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of international economics and competition in our modern era of global economic structures. I want to devote my professional life to research and this is why XXXX—America’s premier research institution—is my first choice for graduate study. I also hope to contribute to economic development as a consultant for a private firm or serve in an advisory position for the government. As a child, I traveled extensively with my parents, touring much of the US, and Europe and this has helped to cultivate my cosmopolitan character from early on, especially as I have continued to get to know much of Europe as well as India as an adult.

 I served as the student representative to the XXXX University of Pennsylvania Council of Trustees and by virtue of that role, I also had the privilege of working with numerous other organizations on campus.  I have also served as President of the IUP Ambassadors, the student Alumni organization. I have completed nearly 200 credit hours and two degrees while receiving only one B, distinguishing myself as a student in the XXXX Honors college, the XXXX College of Business Honors Program, and the honors track for economics majors, methodically preparing myself for the rigors of graduate study in economics, especially by conducted extensive independent research for my undergraduate thesis.   

 My service as a student trustee, in particular, has forged my strong character and finely honed code of professional ethics, helping me to greatly mature in my ability to make tough decisions on behalf of the student body. I am well read in diverse areas of the liberal arts, ranging from music to finance, running and cycling, to wine and cooking. I was endorsed by my school not only for a Rhodes Scholarship, but also the PASHEE Award (Pennsylvania Association of thirteen universities), and USA Today’s All Academic Team.

 When I enrolled at XXXU, I intended to pursue degrees in both music and business but soon fell in love with economics. If I were to point to one fixed moment in time when my career aspirations became clear, I would say it was the moment that I read the words of Adam Smith that:  “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard for their own self-interest.” At that moment my path became clear, the rational, intellectual, systematic pursuit of how to make our world a much better place through the organization of our mutual interests in the most effective way possible. Soon, my professors took note of my capacity for creative contribution to the field and have unanimously encouraged me to pursue graduate study in economics.

 I am a curious person by nature, and my approach to learning is very open minded, taking special delight in wrestling with the ‘big’ problems.  As a junior, I took an introduction to econometrics course in which I did much of the data collection and learned the econometric techniques that I would later use to write my undergraduate thesis.  As an honors student, I had the opportunity to work independently with an advisor in the production of my thesis entitled: “One World One Dream: Gender Equality as a Factor of Success at the 2008 Beijing Olympics”.  This experience was invaluable in helping me to appreciate the profound challenges facing researchers in economics.

 Becoming the only undergraduate student to be granted a summer fellowship at the American Institute of Economic Research helped me to gain the confidence to apply to XXXX.  The high point of my career to date, I relished it all, the seminars and workshops, conducting research alongside doctoral students. My determination became sealed as my joy continued to mushroom exponentially.

 Working with the XXXX Council of Trustees, also bolstered my confidence level as my insights regarding budget constraints, trade offs, and university policy were became increasingly appreciated.  I loved to think critically about labor relations, capital funding, pricing, and numerous issues related to the core concerns of the economics professional. Traveling around the world, I have witnessed postwar economies and rapid growth economies, witnessed grinding poverty and scandalous wealth, and I have always thrived on talking with the complete gambit of folks whose attitudes towards capitalism ranged from hopeful, to skeptical, to militantly opposed. I am a big picture thinker fervently dedicated to  lifelong learning. 

 Intellectually, I want it tall; and this is why my sights are set on the XXXX PHD. I am confident that I am think tank bound and I ask to be accepted to your program so as to have the opportunity to prove my devotion to the sheer beauty of creativity in economics.


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