PHD Law, Justice, and Society, Public Affairs

First and foremost among my personal and career goals is completing the doctoral level program of study, Justice, Law and Society at XXXX University's School of Public Affairs (SPA). Secondly, it is my distinct ambition to develop my expertise in the area of politics in developing African nations. Equipped with this level of education and expertise, I can then positively and constructively contribute to the development, enhancement and implementation of policy formation within these developing nations. Moreover, I would like to devote my energies to the education of future citizens who will be active in their pursuits of justice and equality for all people.  I feel I would be able to make this a reality by working as a professor that highlights the role and extended functions of government in contemporary society.

For the future, I envision committing myself to impressing upon students, faculty, NGOs, non-profits and government officials their places in the world as active agents in the interdependence of the global community and even nature of the earth. When we speak of peace in a region, we are talking about peace for all; no country is autonomous or exclusive. When we speak of affecting the natural environment for the better, we are talking about making the natural environment better for all, not just one region of the world. I fully anticipate the Justice, Law and Society course of study to enable me to impress upon those I work with in the future the need for developing attitudes, knowledge and skills to work with people from different cultures, creeds and belief systems. Having seen and lived through war, I see no future without avoiding it at all costs. The poor, the sick and the needy of the world need all that we have. By embracing their needs, we achieve our own. Terms such as foreign policy, national security, diplomacy and globalization are used to describe the growing efforts of government to prepare our people to live and function in a democratic and international society. In truth, the terms need to be read as social harmony and equality of life. In a society that professes that no one be left behind and equal opportunity for all, anything less would be hypocrisy.

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