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PHD Doctorate Biology, Saudi Arabia

I am a young woman from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who is very involved in the study of biology and wants to study towards a doctoral degree at XXXX University. I have been very excited about becoming a scientist since I was young. I hold a B.A. in Microbiology and an M.S. in Genetics from XXXX University in Jeddah. I wrote my Master's Thesis on the subject of Chemical Mutagens, and it was published in a prominent professional journal. Although my precise research goals have yet to be refined, my interests include studying the genetic basis of disease and the benefits of genetic mechanisms in gene treatment. All of my scientific instincts tell me that some of our most promising responses to cancer in the future, as a scientific community, will come from or at least be related to studies in the field of genetics. I am especially interested in the genetic basis for tumors and the search for ways to prevent and cure tumors as a result of unlocking genetic codes and probing genetic mysteries. I am a patient and a very hard-working student.

I am highly dedicated to my goal of playing a meaningful part in the struggle against cancer. I am highly motivated in terms of goal setting, time management, and prioritizing skills that help me achieve what I aim to do. I like studying, conversing with faculty and other students, and participating in campus events. I am grateful to the Saudi Arabian government for selecting me for a scholarship to study abroad. I come from a conservative culture, and this scholarship represents an opportunity to challenge myself much further and prove that I can do something that benefits the whole world, not just my society. I feel strongly that the most significant contribution I could make to the community would be to participate in ongoing research that contributes to the quest for the prevention and cure of cancer. I am called to study genetics because I wish to join in the struggle to prevent genetic disorders. I have faith that research and advancement in the field of genetics will be the field of medicine of the future. My long-term interest includes finishing the Ph.D. and then working for a research institution that is part of a university, hospital, or both. I love teaching and have already taught Genetics and Biology 101 for two years in the labs at my university. Yet, I yearn to have the opportunity to immerse myself in research on a full-time basis, and being a full-time researcher will help to keep me up to date and creative in the chase for the resolution of genetic mysteries. I am especially interested in doing graduate work at XXXX University because this program has distinguished itself concerning research in tumors. Another reason why I want very much to study at XXXX University is the world-renowned XXXX Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Cancer Genetics and Epidemiology Program, since I would especially love to have the opportunity to share in research dedicated to better understanding host response and carcinogenesis on a genetic and environmental basis with a significant focus on gene-environment interactions.

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study because I am especially interested in Tumor Biology, and XXXX University is particularly distinguished in this area. I am a young woman with diverse interests who have already traveled a lot. I have been to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Spain, Egypt, and the USA, and most recently, I have visited Turkey, South Africa, Lebanon, Syria, and the USA again. I have labored my whole life to perfect my English and feel very confident that I am ready to study and do research full-time in this language. I am proud to represent my country abroad and especially in the United States. I am a strong and dedicated woman and I look forward to the challenges of graduate school in a foreign country. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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