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PHD Pharmacy, Applicant from India

I am a very determined student of pharmacy who is highly motivated to excel, always focusing on progress and constant improvement. This is noted, for example, in that while I only graduated with the top quarter of my class at the conclusion of my undergraduate studies in Pharmacy, when I completed my Masters, I graduated in the top 10% of my class. I am aware of the fact that many Indian students seek admission to universities in the USA, especially for graduate school. I feel that I have distinguished myself from much of my competition, however, not only by earning a Master’s Degree but also by the fact that I now have invaluable experience in the university, serving for two years as a Graduate Teaching & Research Assistant with the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and presently serving as Exam Administrator for the Master of Pharmacy Program at Gujarat Technological University, India.

My primary research interest at this stage in my career is in Medicinal Chemistry, particularly the way in which plants from my native India have been shown to be effective at treating malaria. I also want to focus on the modification of resistant antibacterial drug molecules, the development of prodrug concepts, and API development by time factor in accordance with cost minimization

Whole heartedly dedicated to lifelong learning, I see myself as an avid student of pharmaceutical science for many decades to come, continuing to publish my findings. I want to invent drugs that can cure and even eradicate diseases, and are able to do so in the most that can be affordable way possible so that those who need them most have access to them. You PHD Program in Pharmacy at the University of Mississippi is my first choice for graduate school because of my deep admiration for many aspects of your program, particularly your focus on toxicology as well as medicinal chemistry. I am also looking forward to learning everything that I can in your program about pharmacy administration

Being accepted into your program a the U of XXXX would be a dream come true, the chance to study with nationally and internationally recognized research scientists in a host of areas closely related to Pharmacy. I see myself as an especially good fit with your program because my long term objectives include working towards the establishment of my own pharmaceutical research firm dedicated to the service of small to medium scale pharmaceutical companies that do not have their own research units. First, however, I would like to gain experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies as a senior scientist.

I have a strong research background based on a sound theoretical knowledge base, coupled to a high level of technical proficiency along with strong analytical and practiced leadership skills. Along with my two years of experience as a graduate teaching and research assistant, I have also worked in pharmaceutical companies in production and drug supply units. In my current position with the XXXX Corporation 2007-2013, I ordered drugs from Pharmaceuticals companies worldwide. I also analyzed drug selling trends and market demands, assessed the performance of newly launched drugs, and Liaison with medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies as well as pharmacy retailers. I have also assisted in performing different quality control checkups including capping, sticking, measuring of length and thickness on the dosage form and tests on packaging material dimensions, tensile strength, negative and positive label check, etc.

During my internship in 2010     at XXXX Pharma, I assisted the plant production coordinator with major ongoing process in plant development, working mainly in the production of tablets under a variety of different conditions, documenting quality control.

Finally, I am the primary author of two scientific articles in our field:

XXXX, P., and D.J.Sen . “Complexation: Effect of Metal on Microbiological Activity of Sulfamilamide.” American Journal of Advanced Drug  Delivery, Volume 1,Issue 2: 2013: Pages 149-156

Available at[6].pdf

XXXX, P., and D.J. Sen. “Polymernanocomposites as Biohybrid Polymer Nanofibers” International Conference on Fundamental and Applications of Nano Science and Technology, Organized by: School of Materials Science & Nanotechnology, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, West Bengal, December 9-11 2010.

Completing the PHD at U of XXXX will enable me to realize my dream of giving my all to research in some of the most important areas in our field, with special attention to medical and pharmaceutical issues in the Developing World, particularly the Second World, the BRIC countries, of which India is a prominent partner.

I thank you for consideration of my application to your distinguished program.

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