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PHD Physical Therapy, PT Assistant, American

I have been a PT Assistant since 1998 and have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and with a wide range of patient types. I both enjoy my work and feel that I provide a vital service, this highly satisfying combination eludes most people in their working lives and I feel very fortunate to have found it. I regard Physical Therapy as more a vocation than merely a career choice and I now seek to extend and broaden my skills and knowledge in order to increase my usefulness to patients and to enable me to provide training and supervision to PT Assistants to extend therapy accessibility.

I recognize that the aging of the ‘baby boomer’ population is already having a substantial impact on healthcare needs and demands particularly in this specialty and that this will increase over time. Although I am not exclusively interested in the elderly, I do seek to be part of the answer to this pressing problem. Much of my work to date has involved elderly patients. I was raised in a rural environment in which respect for the elderly and an appreciation of their experience and wisdom was expected of the young. I enjoy working with older patients, relate well to them and am very interested in assisting them and finding ever more effective ways to do so.

I work as managing partner in a private out-patient clinic. Prior to the opening of our clinic, local people were faced with a four hour round trip to access therapy services and, as a result, many did not seek to do so and among these were people who were most in need of such care. We have always taken our responsibilities to our community very seriously and have developed programs to provide treatment to the uninsured and underinsured, especially child patients. We have also sought to provide preventative educational information and activities such as hikes, regular exercise regimens for different age groups and have run regular and very successful ‘Biggest Loser’ contests. I am sure that our preventative efforts have had a very beneficial effect on many members of the local community and their families and feel very proud of them. I like to be seen to take my own advice and enjoy taking challenging hikes and running in marathons. Apart from keeping me healthy, these endeavors offer the satisfaction that comes from the achievement of difficult goals and the empathy to encourage my patients in theirs.

For several years, I have led a local campaign aimed at educating patients and seniors about the Medicare therapy cap. I have organized meetings with local delegates and assisted patients to compose letters to state representatives pointing out the problems that the cap creates for seniors and especially those living in rural communities and urging them to appeal the relevant legislation.

I know that there will be many well qualified applicants for the program. However I genuinely believe that I am an exceptional candidate. I have substantial relevant experience and can provide very useful insights to my class arising from this; my spare time activities demand the kind of commitment that I intend to fully apply to the program and I have a successful background in running effective preventative programs. My main recommendation is a passion for helping patients through PT especially in rural and underserved communities and especially the increasing population of seniors. 

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