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PHD Interdisciplinary Telecommunications, Sudan

Completing my MS in Telecommunications at the University of XXXX, Boulder and graduating in 2005 were the best years of my life so far. Despite the fact that I am a US citizen, however, I returned to my native Sudan because I wanted to help bring the Internet to increasing numbers of my people. Since 2011, I have been serving as the Chief Technical Officer of XXXX Telecommunication Company which, for the Sudan, is a communications giant; and I have had the opportunity to in the company, helping them to grow and succeed.

I began working for XXXX not long after completing my Master’s Degree at UXXX in 2006, only one year after they began operations. I have been with them virtually from the beginning, helping to build a telecommunication company almost from the ground up and this has been an invaluable professional experience that I feel strongly has helped to prepare me with the real-world experience that will help me to make valuable contributions to your PHD Program, especially given the technological and economic obstacles that we have faced and continue to face in a place like the Sudan.

I feel very strongly that the spread of Internet access is good for global peace and security not only in my own very troubled country in the midst of a longstanding civil war, but also Africa generally speaking and the Developing World in particular. Peace through prosperity is my motto. In other words, I feel very strongly that increased Internet access in the Developing World is our best chance to lift our people out of poverty. This is especially true insofar as Internet and telecom services directly employ many people and also true indirectly through those who sell prepaid phone cards, mobile phones and accessories, repair devices, music, video; the blessings of the Internet are endless and quite obvious: of great value to the 5 million people who inhabit the Sudan. This is why I decided to dedicate my life to broadening Internet access.

Completing the PHD in Interdisciplinary Telecommunications at the University of XXXX will be the crowning achievement of my life so far. There is nothing that I love as much as studying and I look forward to a complete immersion in the study of how innovation, regulation and policies can serve to improve the performance of the telecom industry so that they might help emerging market societies to be more productive. Through Internet access, we seek to take part in the global marketplace, leading to a better life through improved education, awareness and broadband penetration, particularly so that our children might have access.

My long term objective is to become a professor and consultant in Telecommunication strategies, policies and regulation. I might also decide to become a CEO someday, as I have already risen up on to the rank of CTO of a major telecom company in an emerging market. Now, I have experience in both developed and developing markets which should serve me well in the long term. I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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