MS Masters Biology, Pre-Dental Biology

I am a young Persian woman who was born and raised in Tehran. I came to the U.S. eleven years ago at the age of fourteen. I have known deep in my heart for several years that what I most want to do professionally is become a world class dentist. I am attracted to this field because of my fascination with beauty, technology, the challenge and joy of making people smile. Yet, I am still young and I want to further my education in the science of the human body before undertaking dental school. I especially love Biology, and I hope to complete the M.S. Degree at XXXX and then go on to dental school.

I think that XXXX University is the most beautiful university of the world. For me it is a symbol of ultimate success at the height of civilization. I love everything about XXXX especially its setting. I have worked very hard in school and I want the best for myself. I am confident that taking graduate level classes at XXXX is the smartest thing that I could do for myself in preparation for a lifetime of service to my fellowman. I have had a passion for biology for many years and this is why I chose to major in biology as an undergraduate student at XXXX University in Wayne, NJ where I developed a special interest throughout the course of this program in the area of physiology and behavior. I am applying to XXXX to take classes as a non degree student. This is primarily because I have not yet taken the GRE as a result of being busy studying for the DAT and not wanting to work towards taking both examinations at the same time. It is my sincere hope to become a degree student at XXXX within a year of beginning my studies and to proudly join the ranks of XXXX alumni who go on to honor the school.

I look forward to contributing to the high level of diversity and multicultural appreciation at XXXX. I speak Turkish at home but cannot read or write it very well. Since I am Iranian, however, I do read and write Farsi as my mother tongue. I feel it is especially important for young Iranian people to have a presence in higher education in America in these times of great political turmoil between the West and the Iranian government.

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