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Prosthodontics Masters Degree, International

I am a dentist from Iran who now is becoming very comfortable here in California with my family. I have selected the XXXX School of Dentistry as my first choice for graduate studies that will ultimately prepare me to practice dentistry here in America. Since immigrating to America a few years ago, I have kept myself busy doing things that enhance my professional preparation, such as obtaining First Aid and CPR Certifications, Infant and Child CPR Certification, and my Dental Assistant License in 2006. English has been a challenge for me, especially since I am not all that young anymore at 37. But, as you say here, necessity is the mother of invention. I have been fully immersed in the arduous task of perfecting my English since long before I arrived. And for the past two years, my English classes at XXXX College have been among my highest priorities along with studying for the NBDA.

The two obligatory years that I spent in the Iranian Army (1997-1999) provided me with an opportunity to learn a lot of valuable things about life in general, society, the psychology of groups, technology, and global politics. I remain deeply disturbed by the politics of the Middle East of which my native country plays such a central role. I love California and would feel so very privileged to make my home here. But if the Middle East, especially Iran, should go through a period of social disintegration, mismanagement, corruption, and the people had little to no access to dental care, I might thing about returning. After being released from the military, I practiced general dentistry in a private office for six years, 1997-2003; doing both surgical and non-surgical extractions, clinical crown lengthenings, general surgery, fixed/removable prosthodontics, endodontics, anterior and posterior composites, amalgam restoration, dental cleaning, and radiographies.

I am presently employed with the XXXX Dental Group here in Los Angeles, CA, where I have been for nearly two years. I manage appoints and treatment schedules in have had the opportunity to develop my team work skills. We are like a team of brothers and sisters.

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