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PsyD Psychology, Rediscovery, Reaffirmation

As a 44-year old woman with previous graduate experience in the field of psychology, I believe that my maturity and life experiences distinguish me as a highly motivated candidate for the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Program at XXXX University. My passion and commitment for making a positive difference in people's lives has given me a fierce determination to succeed in this program, since it represents the fulfillment of my purpose in life. The complexities of human behavior have always intrigued me, inspiring me to learn more about psychology. I did not act on this interest, however, until 1995, after I had had a very positive personal counseling experience. My therapist renewed my confidence and self-esteem, encouraging me to believe that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. The impact of that experience has inspired me to pursue a career in psychology. I started out taking a few classes at the XXXX School of Professional Psychology, and then moved with my family to Chicago to attend the Doctorate of Psychology program at the XXXX School of Professional Psychology.

However, in the midst of my studies, a series of serious personal and marital problems began to take their toll on my own psychological health. One thing led to another and, before I knew it, I had gained fifty pounds, felt negative and unworthy, and was suffering such low self-esteem that I lost my concentration and self-confidence, eventually affecting my studies. Driving through life with the handbrake on in the words of Maxwell Maltz, I withdrew from the program at XXXX to get my own act together first.

Since that time, I have rediscovered and reaffirmed my purpose in life with increasing intensity, promise, renewal, and faith. By 2002, I had already become very determined to fully take charge of my life. I recall the words of my advisor from XXXX, Dr. XXXX: you need to take care of yourself first. My reflections helped me to realize that I had always been taking care of others rather than taking care of myself, soon realizing that I profound impact on the way that I view myself. I joined a gym and managed to overcome my depression could not help or take care of my family if I did not take care of myself first. Dr. XXXX words soon made a through exercise, loosing over forty pounds. As my self-esteem and confidence returned, I was motivated to share my experience with others. So I opened an exclusive, one-of-a-kind fitness center in my native India could not help or take care of my family if I did not take care of myself first. Dr. XXXX words soon made a where I could help women to believe in themselves. Slowly, I came to realize that my experience of depression, defeat, and failure was actually a gift that opened up new windows to the future. As a hardworking, highly motivated, and persistent individual, I am determined to use my strength and passion in the field of psychology to help others to succeed at shedding the baggage of despair. Since my recovery, I have also become a Financial Advisor so as to help provide for my family. I enjoy helping people towards realizing their financial dreams. Yet, my joy in this area often strikes me as superficial and I miss the opportunity to help people in more profound and meaningful ways.

As a woman who has stood up to the challenges of depression and acute family and career pressures, I have learned to be strong, courageous, and persistent in the most difficult of circumstances. I would like to expand my opportunities to help other women cope with the challenges of life. I believe I have much to contribute to the PsyD program at XXXX University because of my passion for helping people to deal successfully with their life experiences. I am determined to succeed as a clinician of excellence. My personal and professional experiences have revealed to me the profound gift of empathy, compassion, and the sheer joy of clinical inquiry. I have become a master of time management who is free to face the rigors of your program. I plan to continue working fulltime until classes start to help pay for my tuition. As always, I believe in the positive effects of exercise and stress management and plan to continue to make these a part of my daily routine. Overall, I believe that I am well-prepared to embark on this new endeavor at this time in my life, when I can make my most significant contribution to the field and to the lives of others. I look forward with a renewed sense of excitement and hope to the professional growth that will take place as I pursue this degree at XXXX University.

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