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Cardiology Residency, Thailand, Cardiac CT

My special interest in cardiology emerged very early on in medical school; even as a child with early dreams of my future calling, I especially enjoyed listening to heart sounds, later taking enormous delight in learning how to recognize and identify valvular or other structural pathologies with my stethoscope. I felt particularly proud once I was able to diagnose the posterior leaflet of mitral valve prolapse using only a stethoscope, and detecting the presence of tricuspid regurgitation with a quick look at the jugular venous pulse. My long term career goal is to become an academic cardiologist conducting research and teaching at a major university. I have a profound, lifetime commitment to cardiology research and medical practice.

After completing medical school, I was honored with the privilege of an internal medicine residency at XXXX University Hospital, the largest and most distinguished hospital in Northern Thailand. This provided me with invaluable exposure to a broad variety of heart disease patients each facing their unique challenges. I have taken great pains to develop an especially thoroughgoing understanding of hemodynamic mechanisms as well as the electrophysiology of the heart, since I find these areas particularly engaging and intriguing in terms of cutting-edge research. This experience of Cardiac Care Unit rotation fully cemented my aspiration to become a first-class cardiologist by exposing me to a range of critical cardiac conditions and procedures, most saliently pacemaker placement, central line insertion, and pericardiocenthesis. During this residency, I also executed a research project dealing with congenital heart disease in adults, which I later presented at the ASEAN Congress of Cardiology. This project and its presentation have further wet my appetite to continue doing cardiac research and contributing to international scientific conferences.

In 2004, I completed my internal medicine residency at the top of my class and was offered a cardiology fellowship position at the same institution. I passed up this opportunity, however, in accordance with my long term interests in lifelong professional development and chose instead to relocate to the United States with the ambition of being the best, not only in cardiology, but also in research and spectrum of experience.

At the XXXX Hospital of XXXX County, my opportunity to practice medicine in a rapid and dynamic, whirlwind interaction with a broad variety of extremely sick patients made me increasingly confident with my skills, knowledge, and experience. Simultaneously, I began to further develop my research skills by contributing to data collection and compilation, organizational tasks, and literature reviews for the ongoing coronary angioplasty database. Later, I became accustomed to the Stata statistical programming code in order to independently conduct analyses on the data that I was collecting. In addition, I coauthored two abstracts presented at the American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Sessions and was the first author for several research abstracts presented to the American College of Physicians Annual Scientific Meeting. Most recently, I have been working on several original research manuscripts. For one of them, I performed all of the data analysis and manuscript writing and this contribution to the literature has recently been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

I have also independently proposed a prospective study entitled Biomarkers, Echocardiography, and Outcomes in Patients with Heart Failure and Normal Ejection Fraction. I hypothesize that patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction potentially have abnormal levels of biomarkers such as high-sensitivity CRP, CA125, and growth hormone/IGF1. These biomarkers, along with the diastolic parameters derived from echocardiography and tissue Doppler ultrasound results, may have prognostic values for these patients. As a result of approval by the institutional review board and funding by the Cook County Bureau, this research project is now underway.

This coming academic year (July 2009-June 2010) after completing my current residency program and prior to the beginning of a cardiology fellowship in July of 2010, I will have to privilege of fulfilling a cardiac imaging fellowship at XXXX where I will receive additional training about cardiac imaging, mainly cardiac CT; but I also look forward to extensive involvement in multiple research projects.

While on a personal level I am often perceived as somewhat reserved and humble, on a professional level I am also extremely confident, at times even assertive when necessary, and always very goal-oriented. Apart from being a doctor, I am also a decent photographer. I love looking through the camera lens to select the composition, perspective, and exposure for my pictures, relishing the way in which subtle changes in point of view or lighting can impart very different emotions and feelings to the same subject. Striving to be a good photographer has taught me to be especially observant, imaginative, decisive, and yet patient enough to wait for the right light at the right time.With respect to my long term professional aspirations, I envision three things. First, I want to become the best possible cardiologist. Second, I like to teach, and I remain committed to an academic career. Third, I intend to advance my career in clinical research and dedicate myself to research infrastructure. I see research and practice as interdependent and ideally complimentary, with one reinforcing the other. I look forward to bringing my all to your program, especially my good cheer and intense dedication to ongoing learning. I want to thank you for consideration of my application to become part of your program.

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