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Dental Residency Endodontics, Egyptian

An Egyptian dentist, I dream of becoming not only an endodontics specialist and professor in Egypt but also serving as a visiting professor and research associate in many universities worldwide. Ultimately, my long term vision is towards collaboration in the development of a world-class institute in Egypt specializing in endodontics, dedicated towards the advancement of teaching and research. The institute that I envision would be fundamentally international attracting participants and students from all over the world but especially the Middle East to learn and participate in highly innovative research projects. I have a profound belief in the power of science, and I believe that no matter what conflicts and instabilities my home country Egypt might be suffering right now: science is the ultimate solution. That’s why I'm eager to participate in a scientific revolution that might be the path for a new era of prosperity and peace for my people. I look forward to becoming an artist in the field of endodontology, inspiring young dentists to give their all to both the art and the science of Endodontics for generations to come. Being accepted into your distinguished residency program will provide me with the final, critical platform that I will need for the sky to be the limit in terms of my long term goals in endodontics in the Middle East.

I am a young Egyptian man, still 31 years old, who was born and raised in Qatar, where I am currently practicing dentistry. My childhood dreams were centered on becoming an artist and a scientist, gaining some notoriety for my inventions; I had my first art exhibition at 16. I was a natural, therefore, for combining art and science in dentistry. For a variety of reasons, I went to our native Egypt for dental school. Following my graduation, I accepted a one year clinical residency in the Oral Surgery Department of Cairo University. Wanting to move directly into international dentistry as soon as possible, I chose to purse the MFDS Diploma, of which the first compartment was in Egypt, and then traveled to the UK in 2008 to finish the second practical compartment of the general dentistry diploma, where I had the distinct privilege of becoming a member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of England.  Since then, traveling has become my passion. I especially love to travel professionally and was able to attend an endodontic conference in Italy in 2011. I have also visited Spain, Portugal, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Last year, I visited the United States to sit successfully for my NBDE. I will be attending the European Society of Endodontics conference in Portugal this summer.

I have been most in love with Endodontics since my first class in this area with Professor Hossam Tewfik. He encouraged all of his students to read more and more to increasingly continue to discover all that we could about this fabulous science. I took on extra-curricular hours in our endo clinic and managed to complete double the number of required cases for my graduation. I stayed current with my passion for endodontics by registering for every CE course available as well as attending all available conferences. I became a member of the Arab Micro-Dentistry Association, AMDA. This association, in particular, has been of invaluable support in my ongoing dedication to enhancing my ability to provide cutting edge, state-of-the art endodontic treatment. Sharing with the members of this group, faculty members and endodontic professors has further reinforced my passion for lifelong learning and research in endodontics. Another great inspiration for me in this area has been Dr Ahmed Abdel Rahman who became my supervisor in several research projects dealing with pulp capping and l regenerative Endodontics.

After serving in Egypt for over 4 years, I accepted a position in Qatar, where I was born and raised, which I felt would enable me to make more rapid advancement towards ongoing training and learning. Here in Qatar, I have become one of the youngest dentists to be placed in-charge of the dental team. I became the second in command for the whole dental section in my health center just two years after joining the team. The heavy load of responsibility that I carry has enabled me to think creatively as to how to overcome obstacles that present themselves in management. I have been successful at streamlining our appointment system. I even managed to collaborate with our continuing education department in providing my colleagues with evidence-based seminars dealing with a variety of critical aspects of dental care.

I believe that the essence of dentistry and medicine in general is to ease people’s pain and suffering. This is why I have enjoyed an extensive engagement with one of our leading charity institutions, The Life Makers Organization, where I have been able to help hundreds of orphans and other patients from disadvantaged, mostly rural areas. For many of them, it was their first visit to a dentist. This is what most makes me smile, especially inside; helping the underserved is the area in which I most hope to distinguish myself.  I thank you for considering me for a residency position with your distinguished institution.

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