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Medical Residency ENT Medicine, Ear Nose and Throat

Over the past seven years, my academic and professional careers have maintained a consistent path toward the practice of ENT Medicine. Interspersed between and in support and preparation for my degree programs, I have actively sought and participated in voluntary externships, internships, and research assistant positions, increasing my real-world experiences in diverse settings and experiences in multidisciplinary team situations.

While the path of one's life may seem linear on paper, fate and life always play their hand against your own. Determination, my gifts, and emotional growth have kept the roadblocks of financial difficulties, relocation, and the death of a loved one from crushing my spirit. The real turning point in my life was during my time with the Medical Examiner's Office in New York. Watching and learning as the Chief Examiner worked, his approachable nature, his desire to impart his experiences, and his willingness to help others impressed me with what it truly meant to be a well-rounded and effective physician, in addition to his staggering medical diagnostic abilities and knowledge.

I have given myself and my time to numerous voluntary activities within and outside of the medical field. The emotional and psychological return on these investments of time and energy pays itself off in many ways: the respect of your peers and members of your community, those that may someday be your next patient. Who better serves the medical needs of their community than a familiar and friendly face?  Also, I think beyond the community and give back in the form of medical missions to developing nations. No other work has proven to be more difficult or rewarding than this, and I look forward to my next trip. At the same time, I believe this work has increased my cultural competency as I have been exposed to many different cultures, practices, and belief systems. This exposure will prove invaluably as I work with patients and medical professionals of many different backgrounds.

I am looking for a challenging residency program in ENT Medicine that will allow me exposure to a great diversity of cases. It is understood that what one takes away from a residency assignment is key to the type of practice I am aiming for.   I seek exposure to as many advanced cases as possible. The more minor issues, such as tonsils, septums, sinuses, thyroglossal duct cysts, and LN biopsies, are delicate, but I would prefer not to rely upon my fellowship to fill in the gaps of the more advanced cases.

To serve my ENT and surgical goals, I look beyond simply the name and NIH research rankings of a school and instead examine the breadth, volume, and autonomy of the training program. A residency assignment is to train a surgeon, not a post-doctorate student. Patients rarely ask how many publications you have to your name, preferring to ask just how many cases like this you have handled in the past.

I look forward to my residency assignment in ENT Medicine as no other field has ever brought me so many challenges or more personal satisfaction the ability to touch and affect lives with extremely positive outcomes. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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