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Residency Neurology, Foreign Medical School

Driven by an intrinsic need to provide for others, coupled with my love for science and the study of human behavior and physiology, the practice of medicine came naturally for me. My deep admiration for physicians helped me to cultivate the discipline to become a doctor myself. I look forward to giving my all in my next position and firmly believe that my profound dedication to my work makes me an excellent candidate for your program.

Doing my rotations in cardiology, dermatology, and other areas, I have always enjoyed making a point of improving my performance with each shift, learning something new, going that extra mile to do something special for my patients and coworkers, beginning each rotation with an open mind for acquiring new skills and enhancing the diversity of my experience. It was my rotation in neurology, however, that convinced me that neurology was the best fit for me. I am especially attracted to Neurology because it is a field with such far-reaching implications. I am particularly intrigued with the way that neurology requires such an accurate association of findings with respect to patient history, physical examination, and lesion localization. It is a field where one small finding on a physical exam can point to a diagnosis. I also gravitate towards the intimate physician-patient relationship that neurology, in particular, requires. I see neurology patients as not only requiring a healing of their physical illness but also the sustenance of their spirit, a deep appreciation of their intelligence, and a profound respect for their personality. Perhaps this is why neurology draws an especially high proportion of physicians who are captivated by the field. In this especially dynamic, ever-changing, and far-reaching field, I feel special confidence in my ability to thrive and continue to cultivate my roles as health advocate, researcher, and teacher. Neurology is incredibly contagious because it is so fascinating.

I completed my undergraduate work at XXXX University where my love for medicine and the human mind drew me to major in psychology and physiology at the XXXX College, a residential community devoted to the natural sciences and their impact on society. I performed research in a behavioral neuropsychology laboratory for one semester on pre/post-hormonal treatment brain stem sections of sheep. I also had the privilege of serving as a teaching assistant at XXXX for first-year medical students struggling with biochemistry and physiology. To gain clinical exposure, I volunteered at the XXXX Regional Medical Center, where I was later nominated as a Student Coordinator for the surgery department. My exposure to patient care as an undergraduate student set the final seal on my unbridled devotion to the practice of medicine.

I applied and was accepted to study medicine in Poland for a variety of reasons, cultural and religious interests especially my attraction to the homeland of Pope John Paul II, and my romance with my girlfriend. And I am glad that I made this decision because there have been important benefits to attending Medical School in Europe at the XXXX University in Krakow. The multi-cultural experiences that I gained living in Eastern Europe, far from the material amenities of the U.S., were priceless. My inquisitiveness and creativity have been greatly enhanced by my intense study of European health care models, and the great diversity of people with whom I have crossed paths. My education overseas has been supplemented by extra rotations at the XXXX Hospital of XXXX University, the University of XXXX at Chicago, and XXXX Hospital of the XXXX School of Medicine, as well as Kaplan courses where I achieved a score of 98/235 on Step 1 and was awarded the XXXX Honor Society Award. I will be taking step 2 shortly and hope to score even better.

I look forward to bringing my strict work ethic to your residency program where I will continue to struggle for increased excellence as a team player. My father died of cancer while I was in medical school and this was difficult further strengthening my fortitude, focus, and determination to devote my life to the study of disease and the battle against human suffering. My own physical regime depends on hiking, jogging, and biking with my patients often coming to mind and this always returns me to work rejuvenated and ready to take on the day with fresh energy. I look forward to simultaneously curing individual patients and forever learning to battle the diseases themselves. I am a highly loyal person and look forward to demonstrating my devotion and dedication to your program by giving my all, going beyond the call of duty, and having the opportunity to fully demonstrate my deep appreciation for being given this opportunity.

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