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Residency, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology

Growing up in India, watching my father, a physician, tend to the people of our community day or night. I always wanted to become a doctor; my father was my most excellent role model and principal encouragement. His unflappable calm under stress, hard-working nature, and progressive approach to medicine are my ideals, which I believe I possess and embody.

My focus on Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Gastroenterology helped me to build a solid foundation in much of what matters most in the medical field: especially compassion. One need only look at my volunteer career to see that I have gone well beyond simply wanting to expand upon medical experiences. I see Prevention as the central key to the future health of our societies, and this has helped to justify my years of dedicated service as a volunteer medical assistant and supervisor with government programs, such as the Malaria Epidemic Control Program PULSE Polio Immunization program, and AIDS awareness programs. Working with the SHRC, an organization dedicated to bringing primary health care to the rural villages of India - exposed me to a level of human suffering that only strengthened my resolve to work towards the mitigation of pain and discomfort in all of my patients. Working with scant resources in poorly equipped facilities has only increased my flexibility, creativity, and ability to think on my feet.

Serving as a Research Assistant for the Anesthesia Institute at XXXX Clinic has given me an overview of the US healthcare system in an academic and aimed at advancing healthcare systems. This has encouraged me to move toward a residency position. To prepare myself for the challenges of an Anesthesiology residency, I have been working in an Externship in the US as a volunteer Research Assistant at the Anesthesia Institute at XXXX Clinic. My research work has been centered on providing new and innovative modalities of interventions that lead to better perioperative management of patients, substantially decreasing post-operative healing and recovery time.

I have solid experience in the practice of medicine, working with teams of other medical assistants, and this has advanced my confidence, communication skills, and problem-solving and critical thinking skills, all under tremendous pressure. I aspire to be the doctor who not only serves the medical needs of the patients but will also serve as a rock in support of patients and their families, someone in the clinical environment that others can rely on as they enter the perioperative period. Serving my colleagues and patients in this manner provides me with the highest satisfactions. I truly look forward to joining your team.

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