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Residency in Pediatrics Canada, Saudi Doctor

I am a Saudi Arabian pediatrician and currently a teaching assistance at XXXX in Saudi Arabia. I hope very much to join an approved residency program in pediatrics in order to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience that I need to progress in my chosen field. I am a very dedicated and hard working woman who is totally immersed in pediatrics, especially new developments and issues that are relevant to the many challenges faced by pediatricians in the KSA.

This past January, 2012, I took the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination and achieved a total score 314. I will take USMLE steps 1 and 2 in the next few months. I hope to continue to participate in research and I seek inspiration that will help me to continue to publish in my field. I also look forward to participation in community events that highlight the progress and advancement being made in pediatric care.

I finished medical school in July of 2010, and then completed an internship in July of 2011. This internship included rotations in surgery, emergency medicine, radiology, pediatric gastroenterology, pediatrics, internal medicine, and ob/gyn. I trace my dream of becoming a paediatrician to the age of 9, where I declared this to be my goal in my diary; at the time, I was being treated for a febrile illness; my own doctors became my most important role models for what I wanted to be when I grew up. As with many pediatricians, I chose this career path because I concur with John F. Kennedy, that children are our most valuable resource and the future of our societies. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than the smile on a mother’s face when she sees that we have made a big difference for her child. I believe that the principal cornerstones of success between the doctor and the patient are honesty, mutual respect and trust, and making the patient sufficiently comfortable so as to facilitate the arrival at an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

As a pediatric medical resident in Canada, I assure you that I will strive with all my might to rapidly become a valuable asset to your program. My strength as a candidate lies mostly in the objectives that I plan to fulfill: to provide excellence in comprehensive care by using my acquired skills as both a competent professional and a compassionate human being, to employ the latest knowledge and techniques in detection and prevention of disease, to develop and employ methods of evidence based medicine and to show reverence for human beings by providing excellent care to all of my patients, continuously broadening my knowledge through experience, continuing education courses, and participation in research and professional organizations. I am convinced that pediatric medicine offers me the opportunity to live the most fulfilling and rewarding life possible.

Devoted to life-long learning, I read constantly to stay abreast of the latest developments in my field, evidence based pediatric medicine. I want to help my community to make progress and to have an important share in scientific research. I my long term objective is to become a professor of pediatric medicine here in Saudi Arabia and to serve as a  role model for my students,. Finally, I have a special interest in the struggle against diabetes, especially because this disease is advancing with great rapidity throughout the Middle East. My country, for example, has the 3rd highest incidence of this disease in the world. My article, “The Prevalence of Hyperinsulinism & Type 2 Diabetes among Over Weight Children & Adolescents at King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital” has recently been accepted for publication.

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program and engaging in endless comparative discussions with my peers concerning the numerous challenges facing the field of pediatrics on a global level. I thank you for considering my application to your program.


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