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Residency Pediatrics Canada, CARMS, Saudi

My interest in pediatrics was initially prompted by a formative experience during my rotation in the specialty. I was involved in a very complex case where the patient was a newborn with multiple congenital anomalies and cyanotic attack. Because of her critical condition, she was referred to most pediatric subspecialties such as neurology, G.I., cardiovascular and genetics. This exposed me to almost all pediatric fields over a very short period of time. I did a great deal of personal research in this case and made a primary diagnosis of trisomy 13 or 18. I was delighted when the results of the chromosomal analysis of the blood sample matched for trisomy 13. Unfortunately my little patient died at 44 days but treating her fired in me a passion for pediatric medicine involving as it does the most valuable and the most vulnerable of patients.

 During the past year I have been working as a pediatrics resident in one of the finest hospitals in Saudi Arabia. I have worked with children in inpatient wards, E.R. and clinics and I have realized that I not only enjoy communicating with, and reassuring, children and their families but that I have a particular facility for doing so. These experiences have strongly confirmed me in my decision to pursue this specialty and thus I now seek exposure to a larger population than that currently available to me in order to broaden my experience. I recently spent a month in Canada and greatly enjoyed my visit which exposed me to people from a wide variety of ethnic and social backgrounds. I have also had the good fortune to work with alumni of Canadian universities who appear to be characterized by an excellent work ethic together with broad and up to date knowledge. These are the reasons that I am seeking further training specifically in Canada.

 My academic results and professional experience to date will, I hope, provide adequate assurance that I can profit from a residency and, more importantly, provide excellent professional care. I work happily in a team and seek to share my own knowledge and skills as well as seeking to profit from the experiences of colleagues. I am aware that I shall be required to adapt very quickly to a new working environment in a culture to which I have had only limited exposure. However I am an adaptable and friendly person who has worked very happily in teams with people of different ethnicities and social backgrounds in my home country and I look forward eagerly to extending such exposure in Canada.

 It is my hope to undertake research in the area of pulmonology. I acquired an interest in this area during voluntary campaign work in connection with H1N1 and in TB prevention. As I have worked in an academic hospital, I have had the opportunity to teach, I have greatly enjoyed doing so and believe that I have been very effective in this role. It is my hope eventually to combine teaching and practicing in the future. A residency providing a broad and varied patient base will assist me in achieving my goals and enable me to share the knowledge acquired with a future generation of pediatric specialists.

 I am aware that there will be competition from many well qualified applicants but genuinely feel that my professional experience to date and, more importantly, my passion for this specialty makes me an exceptional candidate. Thank you for considering my application.

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