Residency Emergency Medicine, Caribbean

I am thankful for the cold, blunt realization that accompanied waking up in an emergency room that day in Colorado. This skiing accident as a college student knocked me out and left me bleeding and torn. Still immature, undecided, and without a calling in life, all this began to change in ER at XXXX Hospital. The skilled and compassionate mountain rescue doctors who cared for me did much more than cure my wounds; they serve me to this day as role models of what I most respect among the many professions and occupations that I have seen around me. I am now a very decided individual with a concrete purpose in life, thanks, in part, to this experience: I too want to serve as an Emergency Medicine Physician. I seek fulfillment in life in ER: adventure, human growth, spiritual expression, the profound satisfaction that comes from loving and caring for those in desperate need most of all, saving lives. What greater joy is possible?

I graduated from the University of XXXX with a 3.2 grade point average, a recipient of the Dean's Award. And this taste of success gave me the confidence to apply to medical school even though I knew that, given the level of competition, I would not be the first choice. And, no longer young for a medical school applicant, I wanted to go soon. The MCAT got me on one waiting list for a more or less prestigious school, but I was not called. So, I had to make a decision and I decided not to wait; I enrolled in XXXX's School of Medicine and went off to become a doctor in the Caribbean. I am grateful for the experience that I have had because seeing the Third World first hand, close up, has changed me for the better and made me a more sensitive and compassionate individual, especially with respect to the most poor, people of different nationalities, and those who have the cards generally stacked against them in life. I flourished in every way, intellectually, emotionally, and I am especially grateful for the extensive exposure that I have gained in the therapeutic use of hyperbaric medicine and international and disaster medicine. My passion for emergency medicine continued to grow throughout my time at XXXX's School, and later, having the privilege to serve at the University of XXXX at XXXX doing a medical rotation.

The strongest part of my application is my profound dedication to the less fortunate members of our society, people who live in under-privileged neighborhoods, people without health insurance who seek medical treatment in ER out of acute desperation, people of color, victims of violence and neglect.

I am confident that my sense of humor, optimism, and determination will sustain me throughout the most grueling experiences that I look forward to facing. The weakest part of my application are my USMLE scores, well above passing, but far below the highest marks in the field attained by those who are bound for the most prestigious and sought after positions. I appreciate your attention to the whole applicant rather than exam scores only, and I would like to point out that I had no professional preparation and little practice for the exam as a result of laboring mightily to support my family test-taking skills have never been my strongest point. In addition to my studies, I have seen much of this side of the world, always very open to people and available for others in need. And I have gained wisdom and maturity through many years of hard work in a variety of areas where I have had a lot of practice developing my communication and leadership skills, empathy, a hearing ear, compassion, and a profound appreciation for multicultural and multilingual diversity. I have lived with the poorest of people of Belize in huts with no electricity and sometimes no running water, many riddled with disease, especially HIV, and I have worked extensively as a volunteer with Rivers of the World, a Christian organization that goes to Belize, distributing educational supplies, medicines, building homes for teachers, etc. I am an especially kind doctor with steel nerves who seeks a very challenging position and I want to thank you for consideration of my application to your residency program.

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