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MA Psychology, Sports, Team Captain

I have always been interested in the human behaviour and the analysis of the factors that shape our personality so I decided to take up an A level in psychology. During the course I became increasingly fascinated by psychological studies and I began to gain confidence in analysis and evaluation. I started reading The Psychology Review as I find this magazine to be extremely interesting and it helps me with my study. The grade I received at the end of the year reflects my effort, determination and enthusiasm for the subject. I am hoping to follow a career as a psychologist as being part of a psychological study would really interest me. We are currently studying sleep in the lesson and I feel that this has been the most interesting topic to date.

I work part time in a large supermarket store, which I feel has helped me develop independence and has given me experience of working with others outside of college. The job has helped me to mature and given me practice of life within the workplace. It has also shown me good opportunity to enhance my social skills. For my Yr 11 work experience placement, I went to Gym World where I worked as a receptionist. The job included running errands, doing computer work and generally using my initiative to answer telephone enquiries. Although this placement was not psychology based I found this to be a good experience in dealing with people. I am currently working on Key Skills level 3 in communication where I did the portfolio in psychology, looking at stress and its relationship to physical illness. I am also arranging a work experience placement fixture along the psychology foundation as I feel that this would be a good lesson to be learnt about a career in such a demanding subject. My teacher put my name forward for a psychology master class at Durham University to give me an insight of psychology at a higher education level, which I will be attending later this month.

During school I participated in many sporting events such as athletics, hockey and cross-country as I like to keep myself physically active. I proved to be a valuable member of the school hockey team as I have the ability to work in a team and was often chosen to be team captain. This opportunity helped me to develop my leadership qualities and made me feel confident to speak aloud. I am extremely interested in photography, which I also study as an A level as I have a very keen eye for art, creativity and the decisive moment.

This subject helps me to develop as an individual. Outside of college I have an active social life and I enjoy meeting new people. I also like to go swimming and I am a member of the local gym.

I understand that university life will be very demanding, but I am confident that it will give me the best chance to achieve my potential, and guide the way forward to a successful career as a psychologist.

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