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PHD Information Systems Management

Your part-time Ph.D. Program for working professionals is the best available option that I have found in terms of accommodating my working status along with attending one of the best programs in Florida.

I am a professional in the field of Information Technology. My love for this profession began over 10 years ago when I when I took my first undergraduate MIS classes in systems development and programming at the University of XXXX. As my studies progressed, I rapidly became increasingly aware that I had found my calling in life. I enjoyed and excelled at my classes and, now, I hope to continue with my passion by studying in your Masters MIS program.

The opportunity for me to study again presented itself in 2000 when the company that I was working for as a IT consultant was forced to make staff cut backs. The company offered to keep me on but I opted out to continue with my studies. I successfully completed the MS/MIS and MBA programs at the Business College of the University of XXXX. By gaining my MS/MIS and MBA in my chosen field I created more opportunities for myself and for the development of my career. I feel strongly that the knowledge and the credentials that I have gained make me a strong candidate for your program. As a Vietnamese woman, I also look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program.

I want very much to attain the Ph.D. Degree in my area so that I will have that competitive edge in the IT service market.  As you well know, academic degrees provide professionals with a significant edge over their competitors and I seek to be competitive. I struggle every day to stay abreast of the latest, up-to-date technical skills through everyday work and by keeping myself informed of new developments in my field. The Ph.D.will provide me with an even greater competitive edge, especially when dealing with the government sector. Thus my short-term goal in pursuing the doctoral program in Information Systems is to obtain this status and competitive edge.  My long term goal is to use my abilities to the greatest extent possible in order to help my society through enhanced communication and business system technology.

Most of all, I long to help people in my country of origin, Vietnam, and would like to teach at the University of Economics in Vietnam, the same university where I first started college.  Teaching at this university has always been a dream for me.  Up until now, because of my hectic work schedule, I was unable to form a clear strategy of how to obtain my PhD and I had thought that my dream to teach was always going to be a dream.  Then, I found the part-time PhD program offered by the Information Systems/ Decision Sciences Department at University of South Florida and realized that my dream can become a reality.

I am especially interested in researching and applying Web technologies to effectively and conveniently serve adult learners in corporate environments, as well as in traditional educational institutions. In particular, I want to promote the use of open source software in under developed countries.  My professional dream is to contribute in lessening the technology knowledge gap between students in developed vs. underdeveloped countries.

If I am accepted to your part time program I will be paying for my tuition; however I would love to gain some teaching experience and I feel especially qualified given the advanced degrees that I already hold.  This would help me with my dream to teach in Vietnam, sharing my real world knowledge and experience of the IT service market.

To optimally equip myself with the pedagogical background knowledge necessary to perform research on the cutting edge, I have been taking graduate-level courses at the college of education dealing with learning theories, instructional design, and development of technology-based instruction and distant learning. I have also completed courses dealing with research tools, theories, models, etc., and so I also think that I would be an excellent candidate as a research assistant. Dedicated to and most persistent in the pursuit of my goals, I have enormous enthusiasm and drive and I ask for your help and guidance as to how to best go about helping Vietnam—and the rest of the developing world—organize information. I am not a perfect candidate for your program. English always has been and will always be something that is a challenge for me. This is reflected in my humble writing test scores on the GMAT and CLAST tests.  But I live with and for challenge in life. In terms of my ability to help Vietnam, in this area I am very competitive. And I see this as the most important aspect of my application. I am a very cheerful woman and I look forward to meeting you and thoroughly enjoying working and learning as part of your academic community.

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