MFA Masters Art, Multi-Media, Theater

I am a man of highly diverse interests centered on art and service to humanity. I had planned to become a veterinarian and thus attended the University of XXXX, spending 2 years in the study of Zoology. Following two years of obligatory military service, I relocated to Canada in 1995. Since then, I have been working and going to school at the same time. I am a man of greatly diverse interests and explorations that have helped to provide a foundation for my very lively, professional engagement with multimedia art forms and performance.

I received my Diploma in Theatre from XXXX College in Vancouver in 2002. I completed my BFA in Drama and Performing Arts in 2005 at the University of XXXX. Now, I am finishing up my BED at the University of XXXX in Edmonton. As an artist in education, I feel that I bring important platforms to the study of multimedia. I play a Persian drum named Tombak. I have worked with different bands, artists, and professors, and I have played since last year in the U of XXXX band formed by the U of XXXX Department of Ethnomusicology. I also participated in a show called “Up-lift” collaborating with one of the U of XXXX professors who is one of my references. Since 1995, I have participated in performances with a Vancouver based Persian Dance group named XXXX. We have performed across BC with more than 200 performances by the year 2002.  Last year, I formed our own dance group here at the University of XXXX, doing choreography and performing.

Theatre has long been one of my central passions. I have performed in more than a half dozen plays and have run lights and sound as well as directing. I wrote, directed, and performed in 2 plays for the Persian community in Vancouver. And I have also worked with Shaw XXXX channel for a season, writing, directing and performing in 5-10 minute sketches. I especially adore multimedia because this allows me to bring my backgrounds in art and technology

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