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BSc Computer Science UK, Learning Network

Computer technology has always been something that I have been intrigued by, from my very first Atari to the small home network that I now manage. Over the years my interest in the world of computer technology has grown to the Internet and I have decided that I would eventually like a career in this field and a university degree would help me greatly. The Internet has fascinated me for sometime now, from web page design to computer security. The idea that any information is easily and rapidly accessible from any connected computer terminal in the world is fascinating. The computer world is expanding rapidly and I feel that nowadays, more than ever before, it is important to keep up with the new technological advances, as these are the future. I am extremely fortunate to be studying Information Technology in a specialised Technology College, which has national recognition, as it is also a Beacon School and the only Learning Network Community with radio WAN equipment in the region. Thus I have access to the most up to date equipment.

Problem solving and being able to use figures can be a big part of computer technology and this is one of the reasons why I took Physics as an A Level and Maths to AS Level - to improve the quality of my problem solving skills.

In 2000 I went on work experience to two business venues in Liverpool, namely Merseycabs' offices and Bleinheim Guest house. I used the computer systems for tasks such as booking customers' rooms at the hotel and editing Taxi drivers' records at Merseycabs. Although the work that I did on the computers was very basic and did not specifically concern the Internet I feel that it has helped me to recognise how the business world uses computers for everyday tasks.

I have also gained experience with computers through the Young Enterprise programme, during which I was IT Director of the company and had many responsibilities, such as taking care of the company website and processing online orders, which has helped me to realise the responsibility of meeting deadlines, as when deadlines were not met the whole company was let down and not just the individual. During this marketing experience we visited primary schools, where I presented a PowerPoint presentation on the importance of healthy eating to promote our product. The product produced was a recipe book with contributions from famous local and international stars like Michael Owen and Dame Mary Peters. Our company enjoyed much success winning a trip to the European Trade Fair in Brussels, being featured on many occasions in the media and winning trough to the North West Final. At this final, although we did not win outright, we did win an award for best customer service. This experience has improved my confidence greatly, as well as giving me an insight into the world of marketing and promotion. Being in three school plays has also added to my confidence, I find that now I am more prepared for public speaking.

In the summer of last year I attended a volunteer course for the Commonwealth Games, which consisted of first aid training and dealing with emergencies, I learnt how every detail of an event such as the Commonwealth Games must be planned out and implemented with extreme care to avoid problems. In my spare time I enjoy going to ice skating lessons, going to the cinema with friends and, of course surfing the 'net. I also like to design Macromedia Flash presentations and websites. Both the academic and social side of university life appeal to me and it is one of my ambitions to experience the student life first hand.

As I look forward to my dreams, I see myself as a confident, successful businesswoman with a university degree and a computer related career. Can you help me make my dream a reality?

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