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BS to MSN/MPH, Nigerian-American

I am a Nigerian woman who, while I was born in Brooklyn NY, was raised mostly in Nigeria until the age of 16. Now, as a 32-year-old woman who is wise with my time, I have learned a great deal about what is referred to as structural racism. And racism, which is rooted in social injustice and exploitation, especially of Africans, has long represented a critical challenge to my basic core values of loving and caring for others. I have responded to this challenge over the years with the realization that despite the presence of structural racism, we are all fundamentally human beings and I treat all people of all races as the image of god, divine, sacred in their own right.

I am a woman who lives to care for others, friends, family, and especially children. What is most fundamental to me is my humanity and our human bond that we share, especially in the healing professions. I hope to contribute to the enrichment of diversity in your nursing program, and I am very much looking forward to meeting other nursing students from all parts of the world.

I have leadership skills and can communicate very effectively. Most of all, I am a kind and compassionate care giver, these qualities have helped me to survive largely unscathed in what can all-too-often be for may a rather vicious world. I ask you for your help in preparing myself for a long and productive career on the cutting edge of progressive nursing that, for me, inevitably, does carry with it a special appreciation for people of color. This is why I especially appreciate the emphasis of your program on the apprecation of diversity and I believe that since I lived mostly in Nigeria until the age of 16 years old, that I have much to contribute to your program in terms of the African voice or perspective. I have observed poverty conditions in third world countries up close, over time, and am thus highly dedicated to the goal of seeing health care made more available and sustainable.

I see my becoming a nursing professional as also a tribute to my late mother (a pharmacist)who died of a cardiac arrest. Overcoming the grief of my mother's passing has been the greatest test of my critical thinking skills. I have had to harness the grief to the productive goal of laboring for the rest of my life to mitigate the effects of disease on others. My mother will always be by my side as I struggle every day to become better at recognizing/detecting signs and symptoms of various illnesses so that measures can be undertaken on time to successfully arrest their further development. I have the greatest possible passion for finding preventive measures and cures for diseases—especially when health care issues are looked at from a global perspective. Thus, my resolution of grief directly transfers to the practice of my critical thinking skills. I see direct entry into the combined BS to MSN/MPH Program at XXXX University to be the best course for me to optimally prepare myself for the type of contribution to society that I want to make with my life.

The combined MSN/MPH will enable me to make a contribution that will go beyond my love for direct hands on care, and help me to contribute to progressive, structural change. Your program is a perfect match for my quest to integrate advanced nursing practice with population-based pubic health perspectives through the exercise of my critical thinking skills, serving the cause of the advancement of public health through improved nursing services. I also appreciate the fact that I will be able to select from a broad variety of elective courses that will allow me to customize my curriculum in accordance with global perspectives and Third World consciousness and enhance my critical thinking skills in terms of global social issues.

I am a cosmopolitan woman with a heightened sense of social justice issues and a great deal of attention to medical issues, especially from a Third World perspective. Prevention is the foremost buzzword that instantly engages my curiosity, since I have long been convinced that this is the most effective way to go about dealing with most health issues, especially in terms of people of modest resources in my native Africa, the many people who I saw that were suffering from treatable and preventable disease. I hope to have a long and productive professional life with the privilege of contributing to the meaningful and broad based research and institution building that will help Third World peoples to better respond to common health challenges. Immunization techniques and preventive vaccines are on the top of my list for the world's greatest inventions. I hope to also have the long term privilege of using my legal and business training to help in the struggle to find more adequate health care funding for underdeveloped countries.

I am scheduled to graduate from XXXX College in Allentown, PA with my B.S. in Nursing in December of 2009. It is my fond hope, however, to transfer to the BS-MSN/MPH Program at XXXX so that I can continue on in the same program to study at the graduate level. I hold a BS in the Administration of Criminal Justice from Rutgers University where I graduated in 1998. I also earned a Certificate in Sociology/Criminology. Since I graduated from XXXX, I have dedicated myself primarily to earning, first as a paralegal and then as a business woman, evaluating real estate transactions. I love being back in school and I am working very hard to become a nurse because being a business woman leaves me unfulfilled. I long for the rewards that come by providing loving, hands on attention to those most in need.

I want to study Public Health on the graduate level because I look forward to contributing in the future to helping to make medical care more accessible for the weakest members of society. I believe that Developed and perhaps even Developing countries should make access to health care a top priority. This is why I hope to be admitted to begin studying at XXXX this coming June, 2008 and to earn a Masters degree in Public Health along with the MSN.

I have completed all of the classes that are listed as a prerequisite for direct entry into the combined BS to MSN/MPH option. I like the idea of transferring into a program that will be my academic home not only for finishing the BS, but for graduate school as well, in both Nursing and Public Health. In this way, I will be able to take full advantage of available opportunities over a longer period of time. I am eager to take all of the courses that would be necessary to achieve my B.S. in Nursing and then move on to graduate study for the MSN/MPH degrees. Ten years from now I would like to be working for the World Health Organization or UNICEF or perhaps the United States Public Health Services. I hope to be able to use my linguistic skills for the advancement of medicine, since I am fully fluent in French, Arabic, and Yoruba (a Nigerian dialect) in addition to English. I assure you that I will bring my all to your program and I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

I have been a spokesperson for NJPIRG Environmental awareness and I believe that I can apply some of my experience in this area to the cause of lobbying/advocating/promoting progressive public health polices that would be of special benefit to the populations of Developing countries. I love being back in school and I am working very hard to become a nurse because for me this will be my most important moral and social triumph. Receiving a Academic Merit Scholarship from XXXX University school of Nursing would greatly assist me in every way to meet my long term goals of being an advocate for improved health care systems for Africa's masses. Nursing care and administration is something spiritual for me, it is much more than a job; it is human fulfillment. I hope in the future to combine my business and paralegal expertise with my nursing training and to one day work to help find additional funding for public health programs in my native Nigeria. Thus, I especially look forward to doing research for my classes in nursing and public health on ways that we can improve health care policies and augment the funding for under-funded programs. I would love to work for a lobby in America, for example, that advocated for progressive advancement in the area of health care for all Americans irrespective of their social class. But I also very much hope to have the future privilege of working in the development of international health programs, which may be attainable for me given my linguistic skills, especially my fluency in both French and Arabic.

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