MA Masters Graphic Design, ELearning

I feel that I am at an excellent point in my life for graduate study. I have found a great deal of peace, dedication, attention to detail and I believe strongly that my maturity and dedication will enable me to make a valuable contribution as an elearning student in your program. I look forward to beginning your program in January 2008 and subsequently working towards an M.A. in Graphic Design. I was hired by the XXXX Technical College in July 2007 as their full-time graphic design instructor, part of my contract requires that I attain a Master's Degree and must be registered as a student within 6 months of my hire date. They will provide a specified amount of financial support for my graduate degree; while the cost of graduate courses at SCAD far exceeds the financial contribution of my employer, I am willing to contribute the balance in order to have this privilege of studying and receiving a Master's Degree from XXXX. I will be working full-time and I plan on taking one course per semester, I see this as an excellent opportunity to advance my own human growth and make the most of my artistic potential. I enjoy learning enormously and especially love to design projects. I made the Dean's List as an undergraduate student at XXXX and have done many exhibitions of my work, receiving numerous awards and honors as a graphic designer and photographer.

The preparation/research time that I put into preparing to teach Entry Level Design to my students is often the highlight of my day, the discovery, clarification, and mastery; I love to continually revisit the basics of design and learn new ideas and techniques. I see graduate school with XXXX as an opportunity to continue to grow as a graphic designer and challenged to learn and develop my skills in a structured setting with ample peer critique. This will be my time to focus my creative vision on my projects, not something a client wants or a student needs, although my students needs and interests will undoubtedly motivate me as well. I am especially interested in doing graduate work in the area of graphic design combined with fine art as well s craft skills; I have a special interest in handcrafted and pre-press book design. My long term goal is to become a tenured instructor/professor. I am a woman of diverse interests, with some ability in German and I also have 23 years of experience as a registered nurse, working in management for about 20 out of those 23 years. Since my time as a nursing manager.

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