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DMD Dental School, Oral Surgery

Throughout my undergraduate years, I have immersed myself in dentistry. It began with the Certificate in Conceptual Foundations of Medicine Program, where I was given an overview of medical ethics, the nature of explanation and evidence in the biomedical sciences, and social problems such as assessments of alternative forms of health care delivery; this was eighteen credit hours over and above my major course-load.

It was by shadowing three oral surgeons, however, that I became increasingly inspired to begin a career in dental surgery. While the seeds had been planted long ago in high school, sympathizing, for example, with a classmate who could not afford dental care, and seeing his mouth deteriorate over several years was disturbing to me; I wanted to help people like him.

I found the surgery process fascinating after watching a jaw reconstruction with a significant bone graft. I couldn't believe I was watching a jaw, assuredly destroyed, being seamlessly restored, with minimal scarring that could be cosmetically restored with a modicum of plastic surgery. I had felt sympathy for this poor individual with such a terrible disfigurement. Afterward, I marveled at the seemingly miraculous process of dental surgery and how it can give back so much more than just "structure" to a patient. I am set on becoming part of the oral and maxillofacial surgery field. It is where my central passion lies.

I am working with one of my advisors on a project using mercury sensors in the mouth. Soon, I will be beginning a teaching assistant position for an upper-level science course in Biochemistry. What better way to sharpen, practice, and keep my education alive than to teach others? I live to excel, increase my education, and become a well-rounded professional that is ready to meet the challenges of our future in dentistry.

I come from an impoverished area, and I give back in any way I can: I give organized a food drive, helped with blood drives, as well as volunteered with XXXX Hospital's surgery ward, and organized and prepared the required safety seminar and video for all employees.

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