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MA Psychology, Young Farmers, Kenya

I am a well-balanced young adult who continually looks to the future. I have always had dreams to follow and as they draw nearer I believe I am finally seeing light. I am always looking for a new challenge and feel I need a demanding and challenging job. I would therefore love to see myself in the police force in years to come. I work hard to achieve my goals and hope all my hard work pays off in the future.

I have therefore decided to apply for courses mainly surrounding psychology as the subject has always interested me. Understanding how others think and feel are put into practice in my everyday life, a sense reinforced by my work experience placement with a large legal practice. I care about other people think and try to do my best to suit everyone.

I currently hold the position of deputy head girl at one of Ayrshire's top secondary schools. Within this role it is essential that I must take others views into consideration as well as doing what I feel is best myself. Gaining this position highlights my ability of strong team leadership. I enjoy the position and feel that it has opened my eyes to 'real' management skills and responsibility. I am also a member of the senior school committee, charity committee, and social committee within the school, showing my enthusiasm and commitment towards school and all that I do.

I feel my balanced personality; enthusiasm and demand for a challenge will help me at university. I am a strong team leader and show enthusiasm in all that I do. I am at present also fundraising for my trip to Kenya with the internationally recognised Fulcrum Challenge.

To expand, this will not only open my eyes to the rest of the world but I will gain self-respect, self-leadership and self-responsibilities and well as responsibilities for others. All that I feel are essential for successful university life.

Out of school, I like most other students' love spending time with my friends and family. As well as playing sports, and being a member of the Young Farmers I am also currently participating in the ongoing rehearsals for the schools production of West Side Story. These again show my sense of teamwork as well as confidence and self-initiative. I currently hold a weekend job in JJB Sports. This has helped me develop an adult approach to working life, time keeping and commitment.

For me the university is the first stage of gaining what I want out of life, I also feel it would open my eyes to the 'real' world. As well as gaining the essential qualifications that I need to proceed in my chosen career I hope to gain confidence in myself as well as making new friends and enjoying and learning form the experience. My variety of interests have broadened my general knowledge, they have helped me in gaining self-confidence and helped me take responsibility for my own life. I have gained skills from various places and people and feel that the skills and knowledge will be particularly useful for not only the transaction to university but also in learning and general university life.


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