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PharmD Pharmacy, Indian-American

I have long been especially close to my father, a pediatrician, and I grew up observing him healing children. Always having been mesmerized by the power of medicine, especially its psychological power, social impact, and ability to save lives; at 27, I feel that I am now at the optimal point in life to make a firm, lifelong commitment to pharmacy. I live in Chicago, and XXXX University is a natural, first choice for me.I am very excited about all aspects of pharmacy, theoretical, practical, and clinical perspectives, pharmacy and society, etc. Someday, I especially look forward to helping to make medicine more accessible to those who need it most. I am a very dedicated and hard working person, serious, focused, and determined to go that extra mile to fulfill my aspirations. If admitted to your program, I will be among the most diligent of students. I am an avid reader concerning all aspects of health care systems.

Being Indian is an important part of my identity. And even though I grew up in Illinois, I wish to return to India someday to help make medicine more accessible for people, finding creative and novel ways to do so. I have worked as a pharmacy technician for the past three years, balancing this job with my full time position as a computer engineer, and taking prerequisite course work towards pharmacy school. I am especially pleased with the contributions that I have been able to make to expand our patient base at the pharmacy.

I have learned how to manage my time wisely and I think that my background in engineering may help me to make important contributions to the field of pharmacy. I ask for your assistance in helping me discover how I can best adapt my talents and interests to goal of contributing to pharmacy in the developing world. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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