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Blog posts : "Business DBA"

DBA Applicant, Global, Renewable Products

I am a highly dedicated business professional with an undergraduate degree in business complemented by my MBA. Now, with 22 years of 'real world' experience that includes 10 years as an Adjunct Professor, helping to develop business contracting fairs, serving as keynote speaker at community busine…

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Doctorate in Business Administration, DBA UK

I have recently completed an MBA degree programme with XXXX University during which I have acquired significant skills and knowledge which have been applicable in my work and which I believe were instrumental in enabling me to progress within my company from senior management to the Managing Direc…

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DBA Business Administration, Africa

Coming to America from Liberia in 1980 was critically important for the survival of my family. Liberia was in the midst of an attempted coup, resulting in the deaths of government officials by firing squad and history had already repeated itself for my family. My paternal great-grandfather, vice pre…

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