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Doctorate in Business Administration, DBA UK

I have recently completed an MBA degree programme with XXXX University during which I have acquired significant skills and knowledge which have been applicable in my work and which I believe were instrumental in enabling me to progress within my company from senior management to the Managing Director role that I now hold. I have over 30 years business experience, I lead a company with a turnover of over $1.5 billion and employing 2,700 people.

My goal in pursuing the DBA degree is to fit me to undertake a highly successful leadership role in a large, international and diverse enterprise. I also seek to be an effective teacher of advanced business skills and an effective mentor to young managers. My father was a teacher and his greatest delight was to see his pupils succeed. I seem to have inherited this characteristic as I also take joy from the success of those I have helped to train and develop.

I am a volunteer mentor/advisor to students preparing to leave school for advanced education helping them to make appropriate academic and professional choices. Within my company, I draw enormous satisfaction from identifying and helping talented employees to fulfill their potential, for instance we have former clerks who have risen to become successful senior managers. The company also assists in training new graduates in cooperation with local universities and so far 45 graduates have benefited from the training program. Several of these graduates were employed in the company and are now successful managers. The programme will enable me to assist in providing advanced business education to those who are ‘aiming high’ in the world of business and have the potential to achieve ambitious goals.

Having completed the MBA by ‘distance learning’, I am aware that successful completion of the DBA program will require a very high level of commitment and sacrifice over a significant period. I have proved my ability to undertake rigorous academic work autonomously and successfully and I confirm that I am fully prepared to make the necessary commitment to excel within the programme and undertake to participate enthusiastically within it for my own benefit and that of the academic community and the wider world of business.

It is also my hope to extend the type and number of worldwide business contacts that I have acquired during my participation in the MBA program. It has been a joy to be able to share insights and experiences with students with a wide variety of backgrounds and specialties. I feel privileged that I have helped other students with difficult business decisions and have benefited greatly from the advice given to me. For instance, comparing the merits and disadvantages of our particular methods of evaluating employee performance, resulted in a revision of our own process that is proving to be highly successful. I also developed an idea that originated from discussions with fellow students and this has resulted in the setting up of a new business venture that has been very profitable for my company.

I am very widely travelled having visited 13 countries in the course of business in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. I have a good understanding of the variety of business cultures and the need to be sensitive to the differences that exist. I enjoy interacting with people from a wide variety of cultural and social backgrounds.  I have also learned that useful and current business information can be gleaned from unlikely sources; the taxi driver, who mentions that his brother’s haulage business is doing very well, may have provided a more useful indicator of the state of a local economy than published official information that is several months old.

Naturally, XXXX is my first choice of DBA programme because of the MBA programme has provided such positive learning experience in so many ways most especially in that the Student Advisors always provided excellent support and as the programme content was highly relevant to my work.  I did research other available courses but am drawn to the structure of the XXXX University programme and module topics that are closely aligned to my own interests and which are so highly relevant to the challenges that modern business presents.

I have a special interest in leadership and hope to undertake a ‘Doctoral Development Plan’ related to this subject. Although I have not yet decided on the specifics of a project, which I hope to develop with the assistance of faculty members, I am attracted by the idea of analysing the leadership ethos and techniques of one or two specific business leaders and establishing how far their methods may be transferable. I am aware that successful leaders recognize their own limitations and weaknesses and find ways to ensure that they are counterbalanced in their choice of team members.

I believe that those characteristics that have resulted in my professional and academic success to date will enable me to ‘add significant value’ to the academic community and, ultimately, to the stock of business knowledge. I have reached my current role by: being hard working and always striving to improve; being intellectually curious; possessing excellent communication skills; being willing to share my skills and knowledge with others and seeking to benefit from theirs; and being highly positive but realistic about myself and others. However the thing that provides the firmest foundation for success in the programme is a genuine passion for business and in acquiring the very highest level of knowledge about its successful operation and to sharing that knowledge as widely as possible.

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