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MBA International Business, Hispanic

I want to begin studying in the MBA program at XXXX University to better prepare myself for a business career by studying current, state-of-the-art business techniques and policies in management and administration. I appreciate very much the fact that the program at XXXX University is broad, aimed at general competence in overall control, and designed for students from diverse backgrounds. I currently work for the military, managing a uniform shop in Texas. I need my MBA to be able to leave government service and pursue my interests in business management, especially in Latin America. My long-term goal is to be able to do consulting work for new business enterprises in Latin America. I worked in the electronics industry for over 15 years and hold a B.S. Degree in Management from XXXX University in Parkville, Tx, and an A.A.S. Degree in Electronics from XXXX College, as well as an F.C.C. license with a RADAR endorsement.

I have also worked as a commercial pilot and a real estate salesman, and I have a loan officer license as well. My GMAT scores are low since my test-taking skills are not my strong point. However, my GPA for my Management Degree from XXXX University is 3.85, reflecting my ability to succeed academically.

I am a man with highly diverse interests and backgrounds. While I was raised in the U.S., my parents are from Argentina, and I went back there many times growing up. This helped to enhance my appreciation for cultural diversity. My first choice for graduate study is the University of XXXX because I am especially interested in doing graduate work in the area of International Business, Finance, and Economics.

I look forward to a rigorous and challenging exposure to current theory and methodology in new business start-ups and business success in today's information age. I hope to use the skills I will develop in your MBA Program to make my humble contribution to helping Latin America prosper economically. I am a native speaker and writer of both English and Spanish, and I want to take full advantage of this gift.

I am a businessman, a licensed private investigator, and a real estate agent who has devoted much time to helping people—often for no pay. I am not a materialistic person, and I want the MBA to be able to help others better because this is what I find most fulfilling. I have traveled around the world, mainly with the military, and I appreciate the broad range of experiences that this facilitated, different cultures, and belief systems. My travels made me more sensitive and tolerant, especially concerning the plight of those less fortunate. I have developed a keen sense of human decency, fair play, and compassion for others. The most significant contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to help others to better their economic circumstances. I very much look forward to an in-depth study of information
systems insofar as they are relevant to business development. I am a firm believer in the idea that people in developing countries, such as those in Latin America, need to be provided with assistance to be able to take full advantage of the vast resources that are now available in terms of technology and communication. I hate the inequities that characterize our American societies, and I want to devote the balance of my professional life to struggling against these inequities by helping businesses in under-developed areas to prosper as a result of

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