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PHD Business, Saudi Arabian Applicant

I am a 34 year old Saudi Arabian man who is very dedicated to professional advancement and seeks the terminal degree in my field, the PHD, so that I will be able to contribute to the creation of more effici

ent levels of business organization in my home country. I am from a hardworking, middle-class family; and I managed one of my father’s stores throughout my years in high school. My most passionate interest, throughout my university years in both Saudi Arabia and America, continues to be marketing research, relationship marketing, service marketing, brand management and promotion.

Distinguishing myself as a student in the BBA Program at King Saud University laid the foundation for me to come to America and earn my MBA at the University of XXXX in Pennsylvania in 2006. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my studies, especially those that were most relevant to my foundational interests in marketing technology; and I also grew as a person, my appreciation of diversity, with classes in comparative religion, and languages.  

My MBA studies were focused primarily on the relationship between marketing and finance. I am keenly interested in derivatives and securities and look forward to studying them in depth in your distinguished program.

Since April of 2007, I have served as the Director of XXXX and have organized 16 symposia and forums over that period. I am responsible for discovering administrative problems that need to be addressed by symposia and forums attended by business leaders as well as administrators in the private sector, providing a space for the presentation of field research and working papers by professional researchers and practitioners. I lead follow up teams in charge of support and assistance to the research that we support, coordinating with local and international organizations to participate in the symposia and forum conducted by my institute, in addition to serving as the administrative coordinator for the organizing committees.

I want to excel as a researcher and university professor in business administration and marketing. I want to help to develop new markets, building strong customer relationships, improving customer services, and strategies and techniques in sales, communications, and services.  I enjoy studying how Saudi Arabia acceded to the WTO only in 2005, after many years of delicate negotiations. This has resulted in much greater business opportunities for local and foreign companies; yet, this move has also created major challenges for our domestic market as a result of greatly increased competition from foreign firms. Thus, I want to help my country to steer a viable course that continues to facilitate our integration in the world economy at the same time that it preserves our long term strategic advantages.

The service sector has long been the backbone of the domestic economy. And this factor is central to our analysis of how we are to increase our integration in the global economy. As a result, firms in the service sector are becoming more research intensive. Nevertheless, it is important to note that many Saudis still see their nation as a ‘developing country’, especially with respect to services. Further developing our service sector will help to reduce unemployment and strengthen our economy. Among the numerous hurdles that must be overcome, however, are service regulations, quality control, and training requirements, in addition to infrastructure technology.

I see the US as the world leader in service sector technology development and implementation and this is another reason that I am so eager to continue my graduate studies here in America. It is my hope to learn as much as I can about these developments so as to be able to help to replicate similar successes in the KSA. I am a very dedicated learner with a strong believe in attitude, quality, and hard work. I have advanced leadership and organization skills and I am an accomplished team player. Earning the PhD degree in business administration at the XXXX Graduate School will allow me to achieve my academic and professional objectives and make significant contributions to the economic development of my country. I am particularly attracted to the fact that your program places a major emphasis on experienced-based learning and value chain as well as supply chain management.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has numerous management challenges, especially because of its rich endowment of energy resources, huge sovereign wealth fund, and vast investment in both public and private sectors. We look forward to continuing to provide international corporations with the most lucrative business opportunities possible in a low-risk setting and meeting evolving challenges in the provision of lucrative and competitive opportunities for foreign investment. I am most excited about the prospect of being guided by your program in the selection of an area for specialization and eventual doctoral dissertation and I want to thank you for considering my application. 

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