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Cardiology Fellowship, XMC, MTWA

I have been fascinated by cardiology since my early childhood when I spent most of my leisure time at the hospital run by my father, a cardiologist. Dinnertime discussions about the human heart and its complexity further stimulated my curiosity and left me with an unquenchable desire to learn more. These experiences set me on a path early on for a career as a cardiologist.

By the time that I was an adolescent, I was already fully committed to the goal of doing everything that I could so that I could become the finest cardiologist possible  Seeking a more structured training regimen after medical school in India, I moved to the USA to continue my training. First, I gained more than 12 months experience as a fellow in cardiology at XXXX. This experience increased my confidence in my ability to manage patients in the CICU with varied cardiological problems, such as acute coronary syndrome, acute heart failure, arrhythmias, endocarditis, and pre- and post-angioplasty/CABG. I also received supervised training in echocardiography, diagnostic angiography, and temporary pacing wire procedures which I can now perform as a first operator. I am highly indebted to my peers for their guidance and support during this time. The training I received at XXXX has been invaluable, contributing greatly to my competence as a physician.

There are numerous reasons why I especially love cardiology and I am so very happy to have chosen this field for my lifetime focus in the practice of medicine. I especially enjoy the  multi-disciplinary team environment and the opportunity that it provides for individual achievement. My clinical training in the XXXX has enabled me to acquire a very high level of proficiency in dealing with complicated cases. Now that I have developed this advanced level of proficiency, I long to participate in state-of-the-art research and to plunge ahead into the discovery of what we need to learn for the future advancement of our field. Thus, I accepted a research position for 4 months, I gained further experience in research design, the analysis of many of the ethical issues involved in cardiology as well as the recruitment of patients for research  studies.

I next moved to the United States because I look to the US as the world leader in cardiology and very much wanted to further my professional experience here where advancements in the field are at their highest level. I began with a residency program at an academic hospital, the XXXX Medical Center (XMC), part of XXXX University in XXXX, Ohio. The XMC is renowned for research in markers for predicting sudden cardiac death (SCD), particularly Microvolt T-wave alternans (MTWA). During this first very busy year as an intern, I have been fortunate to be the first author of a paper measuring Tpeak to Tend (Tpe) intervals in a subgroup of cardiomyopathy patients who underwent MTWA in order to establish a probable relationship between MTWA and Tpe. I especially appreciate the invaluable feedback that we received upon presenting our results at two research update meetings, Currently I am also working on a risk score for predicting SCD. This project stemmed from a need to find the high risk human population of SCD for research purposes. The ultimate aim of this project is to discover new bio-makers and their circadian rhythms in humans, research which builds upon similar studies in animal populations.

I am applying to your program because I very much look forward to continuing to receive highly specialized training in cardiology and staying abreast of all of the important research developments in the field. I feel that a strong foundation in research is critical for continued professional development. I have begun collaborating with a lab here in XXXX where I go after work and during my free time, I am planning to apply for a grant through the AHA by December of 20XX. I keenly look forward to developing a better understanding of ion channels and their circadian rhythm in tissue cultures. My colleagues and I feel there is a strong association between circadian rhythms and disease. My long term goal is to gain accreditation in electrophysiology and become highly active in research in this field as well. I look forward to working in an academic setting maintaining a balance between practicing cardiology and my research responsibilities. The discovery of markers for predicting sudden cardiac death has struck a particular chord of interest in me and I would like to steer my research towards this concentration. I am also very enthused about the possibility in the future of teaching other physicians, passing on our skill and experience to future generations.

Early on in life, I developed great appreciation for the importance of balancing my work with other interests. I have been involved in highly disciplined sports since my youth, which has served to reinforce my appreciation of the core values of organization, planning, and administration; this experience has also helped me to cultivate a high degree of flexibility in stressful situations. I was the recipient of the XXXX Award, which is given once every two years to the best outgoing student from my high school class of 250 students. After graduation, I continued to maintain my interest in sports, particularly in soccer, and I served as captain of my college soccer team for two consecutive years, representing the team on a national level. Here in the U.S., where this sport is not mainstream, I have taken up the challenge of organizing a local soccer club, generating interest, actively recruiting players, and organizing games.

My interest in eastern philosophy has taught me a great deal concerning the importance of reflection, introspection, and the relentless pursuit of truth despite the presence of obstacles. This approach has greatly influenced my ability to remain grounded, make wise choices, and maintain a long-term vision, especially in an age in which everything is ready made. I appreciate the importance of restraint and the ability to reflect upon my work, education, and personal life. I have been lauded for my ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with my colleagues and have always been well received by my peers. Working with various medical systems internationally has taught me to adapt quickly to new circumstances. I have excellent communication skills and am fluent in five different languages, which has helped me to understand the sensibilities of diverse populations. My artistic inclinations have also drawn attention, and I was awarded a prize as a first-place finisher for a cartoon on the critical need for oil conservation. I am a modest man who has always been humbled by the realization of how much more there is to learn, always driven to seek further knowledge and intellectual enrichment.

While some suggested that a career in cardiology would be too ambitious for a young man from a small town in India, special moments of discovery (such as the three consecutive days I spent absorbed in reading a book on advanced EKG), kept my hope alive through trying times, maintaining a spark in my soul that soon radiated throughout my very being, providing me with the fortitude to meet the intellectual challenges that lay ahead. At this juncture in my life, cardiology is the speciality that is clearly a natural extension of my training, personality, and talents. I also feel strongly that my background and aptitude will allow me to make important contributions to your highly esteemed program.

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