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PHD Degree Medicinal Chemistry

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I have long had a deep love for my community and the global village to which we are so well connected. Studying in my second year of the XXXX Program at XXXX, I now wish to join the XXXX track since I am eligible to apply and very enthused about doing so. I am particularly interested in the area of Medicinal Chemistry because I am currently working in a lab for my Honor's Thesis in this area and I want very much to continue working in this same general area for my  doctoral dissertation research. I have spent years preparing myself for this opportunity, first obtaining my XXXX in Clinical Laboratory Science from XXX and then working on an internship in lab training at XXX. Scheduled for graduation with the XXX, I strongly wish to also attain the XXXX as I am convinced that this will make me a more capable and rigorous investigator with greater capacity in the future to contribute to scientific and medical advancement in my field, ultimately helping to prolong life and make it more comfortable.

Unusual sugar biosynthesis as it pertains to antibiotics is what I am currently working on. I especially enjoy working with DNA, proteins, and bacterial cultures. At some point, I plan learn how to work in tissue culture. On the chemistry side, I do organic extractions, flash chromatography (silica columns), and thin layer chromatography.  My long term goal is to hold a position in academia. I would like to focus more on research than teaching but probably both. My short term goal is to learn as much as I can about research protocols in general. I am trying to learn as many protocols as I can. While I also enjoy teaching new researchers that come into the lab, it is the lab work itself that I find most rewarding. I have studied Spanish pretty extensively, while not fluent, I can hold my own in most conversations. I used to be good at writing it as well, simply suffering from lack of practice. I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program at XXXX.

Probably the strongest part of my application is the extensive training that I have in the laboratory, with respect to in microbiology, immunology, hematology/hemostasis, blood banks, urinalysis, and general chemistry. Of course, these were clinical labs, not research. But I definitely learned my way around. After graduation with my XXX, I worked for two years full time at a reference lab in hematology/hemostasis, urinalysis, immunology, and blood bank. I also have research experience since at XXX Hospital, we were required to complete a research project and I did mine in the microbiology lab, presenting a poster and paper on the subject. I have also worked as a tutor with the XXX for first year students and I serve on the XXX. A member of the XXX Society for pharmacy students, I learn fast. One mentor in the lab told me that she has never seen anyone pick up lab protocols as fast as I have. I am very hard working, self-driven. The center of my world is the treatment of infectious diseases with antibiotics, and I dream and struggle for new compounds to treat infections. I want to tackle the pathology of certain bugs and search for genes responsible for certain steps in disease progression (like how one bacteria can get into the bloodstream but another cannot). I ask for your help to bring this passion to the XXX level and I thank you for consideration of my application.

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