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PHD Chemistry, Bangladesh

I am hoping to enroll this coming fall in your program at the University of XXXX in the Department of Chemistry. I want very much to study analytical chemistry in your program, in particular, because of my very favorable impression of this university and the outstanding research accomplishments of the faculty in my areas of special interest. I hope to be able to make meaningful contributions to your research community.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to immigrate to the United States from my native Bangladesh when I was still only 13 and, thus, speak, read, and write English quite well. I also feel strongly that having been raised in one of the world's poorest countries helps me to understand and appreciate the great contribution that chemistry is making towards the resolution of the enormous problems still facing humanity, especially poverty and under-development. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your academic community and I want to thank you for taking me into consideration as a research assistant. My research skills, I think, are the strongest part of my application, what I have to offer the academic community. I have a deep and abiding passion for research. I think about it all the time, it is like my own personal quest for the Holy Grail. I love mystery and find it especially meaningful in the study of our chemical environment.

I carry with me much about my indigenous culture of Bangladesh, in adaptation to American society and culture. As I see it, any future success that I shall have in America will also be an honor for Bangladesh. I hope to serve valiantly as a role model to newer generations of immigrants from Bangladesh. I am also from Brooklyn, so I am a strange mixture of Brooklyn and Bangladesh. I see New York as especially well representative of diversity in important ways.

I am especialy interested in how international chemical research projects proceed in accordance with cost effective measures to avoid mineral and resource depletion in the Third World. I seek to become a first rate, Ph.D. researcher in the field of analytical chemistry at the same time that I also constantly scrutinize the principles of science in the light of 'human' chemical issues, in other words, the practical applications of principles and theory based on human need analysis. I would much prefer to spend the rest of my life doing research that I thought was of great importance to the amelioration of human suffering than making a lot of money.

I am finishing my B.A. in Chemistry from the University of XXXX in a few months. I hope to some day obtain a job as a University professor. I am attracted to this lifestyle, the freedom to decide what one wants to research and the stimulation of the academic community. In addition to English, I am a native speaker and writer of Bangali, and fluent in Urdu as well as Hindi. I have conducted research with Dr. XXXX studying the behavior of electrode (gold, platinum, and carbon) in the presence of mercaptoacetic acid in both acidic and basic solutions, since 9/2006-present. In your program, I would be especially honored to study under Professors XXXX and XXXX, whose research interests have the most to offer to my own principal trajectories of scientific inquiry. I thank your for considering my application for study as well as a research assistantship.

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